Has your breakout at an unusually early age put you under pressure as a role model?

I wouldn’t say so externally, no. I think i’ve probably put myself under internal pressure to keep the momentum going, make sure every project is bigger and better than the last and that the next move is always a forward one. I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that if each budget multiplies by ten, then it’s going to take longer to raise the cash to green light the film. I’m not one for waiting around and I don’t like the uncomfortable feeling of waiting for the cash to come in. I think that’s where I probably feel the most self-pressure.

Who was your biggest influence?

Life wise – probably my parents. My Dad’s very creative across a range of mediums and my Mum works her ass off. I think that mixture of personalities and a childhood in which me and my brother were taken to (dragged round by the ear) a load of museums, galleries etc helped me find my creative side. Director wise, Edgar Wright, Taika Waititi & Wes Anderson stand out.

In filmmaking, do you regard yourself as a revolutionary or an evolutionary?

Good question. I probably wouldn’t use a phrase as strong as revolutionary but I’d say a mixture of the two. The fact I came into the industry in the era that I have means films can be made for cheap. To make Destination: Dewsbury 20 years ago would have cost us a million easy, nowadays it cost £150k – so I’d say the barrier to entry is more an evolutionary thing. I dropped out of Uni and thought very differently about the industry compared to anyone else my age, and just went and raised money from a young age – I wouldn’t say that is revolutionary but it’s a different way in from most.

You talk of persistence and hard work as prerequisites to Succeed. Who, in your mind, has been the best example of this in the industry?

There’s countless, but there’s some cracking hustlers out there. I remember my manager sending me a quote from one of the Duplass Brothers who gave a talk at SXSW a few years ago. He said ‘the cavalry won’t come calling, and by the time they do, you are the cavalry’. They basically meant that people won’t queue up to give you the money for the projects, you have to find them, and by the time they are queueing up, you can raise the cash anyway. I like the way them boys hustled their way into the game.

Ale or lager?

Lager. I’m too young for Ale. I’ve only just discovered olives and whiskey. Maybe 2021 is the year for Ale?

Tell us about any upcoming projects.

We’re shopping a TV pilot called ‘Life in Non League’ at the moment. We shot that last year and it’s probably the best piece of work I’ve done. We’re shooting the next movie ‘Three Day Millionaire’ in September (a co production between Shush Films & NeedAFixer) which is a comedy set in my family’s hometown of Grimsby. Wolf of Wall Street meets Snatch. It’s gonna be fun.