NEEDaFIXER is, without doubt, the largest international network of film fixers across the globe. Not only are we experts in the film industry and filming in different worldwide locations, we’re really excited about what will be happening in the filming industry in 2017.

Take a look at the following top 3 predicted filming locations for 2017:

United Kingdom

Despite the popularity of Hollywood blockbusters and the opportunities to travel to different filming locations across the globe, many fantastic films are indeed based in the UK. And this looks to be no different in 2017!

Filming in the UK offers a sense of nostalgia, think of Mary Poppins, Notting Hill and Sherlock Holmes, just to start! However, filming in the UK is also effective as part of the more modern film scene. After all, the Bridget Jones’ Diary trio couldn’t possibly have been based outside of London, while The Bourne Ultimatum and Harry Potter wouldn’t be the legendary films they are, if they were filmed outside the UK.

What’s more, Swallows and Amazons was a great film, characterized by gorgeous scenes of the lake district, and The Hunter’s Prayer (set to be released in 2017) makes the most of Yorkshire as a filming location. Finally, with talk about Mary Poppins Returns being released in 2018, the UK filming scene looks set to boom in 2017!

The UK also has a few different Blockbuster filming locations and additionally offers iconic city scenes, winding country routes and beautiful coastal locations.

filming locationsCanada

A hugely popular filming location, Canada offers filmmakers the opportunity to film in a beautiful location and enhance the feeling of nature, and outdoor space, in their scenes. Canada offers magnificent mountain scenes, modern cities, unspoilt national parks and more.

The home of Forsaken (2015), Canada is an effective choice of location on the modern film scene. After all, who doesn’t want to see the sights of a country characterized by a beautiful natural environment, scanning mountains and unforgettable, picturesque sights?

In addition, Canada is home to city based films, like Fifty Shades of Grey, set in Vancouver. And, with the next two instalments of Fifty Shades set to be released in 2017/2018, Canada is a sure-fire filming location over the next couple of years.


fixers in japanJapan

The fantastic filming location for Silence (2016), Japan offers a unique location for filming. An easy country in which to obtain a film permit, Japan is a popular choice for its urban chaos, volcanic natural features, Asian villages, tranquil countryside and stunning, white sandy beaches.

What’s more, with Blockbuster Detective Pikachu a potential release for 2018, perhaps Japan will become increasingly popular for filming throughout 2017?

Need a Fixer for 2017?

Despite our predictions for 2017, the numerous filming locations offered by NEEDaFIXER offer various benefits and are all excellent choice of film location.

NEEDaFIXER operates in the following locations: United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Germany, France, Finland,, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Tunisia, Thailand, Jordan, Egypt, Dubai, Lebanon, Canada and Australia.

Therefore, please do get in touch if you need a fixer in 2017!