Filming in London is exciting for a number of reasons. Not only is it fantastic to see our capital city on the big screen, but there are also a number of benefits to having filming take place in our city.

First of all, more money is generated into the economy, making it stronger overall. In fact, for every pound spent on council fees associated with production, a further £3 is made for the local economy. Bonus! Adrian Wootton, chief executive of the British Film Commission and Film London, said: “While the headline figures are staggering, this research shows that there are clear grassroots benefits for local economies.” (Epic TV)

Reported by The Guardian, there was a time in 2017 when foreign filmmakers were even more tempted to film in the UK due to the weak pound after the EU referendum, which again brought more money into the UK.

The Guardian also reported a growth of 72.4% in the music, TV and film industry in 2017. And it’s getting stronger and stronger.

We know that the UK is a popular place to film, and filming here brings more money into the economy, but what’s being filmed in London today?

5 film projects taking place in London today

The Little Drummer Girl (2018)

Alright, so we know that The Little Drummer Girl is currently being aired on BBC One; however, it wasn’t long ago that thee TV Series was being filmed in the capital city.  In fact, London, Greece and the Czech Republic housed most of the filming for the thriller.

One of the main shooting locations is The Mildmay Club in Hackney, one of London’s last traditional working men’s clubs. Killing Eve and Call The Midwife were also partially shot there.

The Little Drummer Girl is a TV adaptation of the spy novel by John Le Carré, published in 1983. It was shot by the production team that pieced together The Night Manager.

Informer (2018)

Informer is another BBC drama shot within the capital city of London.

With a plot that focuses on counter-terrorism, expect a thrilling story.

The great thing about Informer is the fact that producer, Julian Stevens, made sure he shot in the “shady”, less glamorous and more realistic locations in London for the true feel of the inner city. “Raw London” so-to-speak.

He even used local residents of Thamesmead in his production. He also shot in Bromley, Bexley, Lewisham, Kingston, Islington and Southwark.

Wonder Woman 1984 (not yet released)

While some of Wonder Woman 1984 is shot in Tenerife (quite the contrast to London, we know!), it is also shot in our capital city.

In fact, it is shot in Hyde Park, as well as The Imperial War Museum in Duxford and the Savoy Hotel in central London.

The sequel to Wonder Woman is set to be a huge blockbuster and, no doubt, will showcase our magnificent city of London in the best possible light.

Spiderman: Far from Home (not yet released)

While it is no surprise from the name of the movie that not all the filming for this movie took place in the UK, there are elements of the film shot in London.

The main area in London that was used for shooting this blockbuster is in the East.

Spiderman: Far from Home wrapped filming in October 2018 in the United States. Filming started in Hertfordshire (UK) and also took place in Prague, Liberec (Czech Republic) and New York City.

Men In Black

Filming for the Men in Black has been reported by The Sun and apparently bought apocalyptic scenes to the streets of London.

The A-list cast, including Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, were there!

In fact, the crew were filming destroyed roads with cars upturned. “Organised chaos” perhaps?

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