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New York is one of the most filmed locations in the world, with a huge number of movies and TV shows based in the Big Apple. From the elegant Empire State Building to the sleek One World Trade Center, there are endless filming locations in and around the city to suit different productions. With distinct seasons and neighbourhoods with their own personalities, you’ll be able to capture the atmosphere that you want.

Some of Our Work

Film crews are always welcome in New York, and if you’re only using hand held equipment then you might not even need a permit. Those who are using more specialist equipment will be able to get a permit through the Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting. NEEDaFIXER NEW YORK can guide you through this permit and chase everything up, and liaise with local community boards to ensure you’ve got the right permission to start filming.

Filming in New York

New York is home to many professionals in the film industry, and we can help you get the right director, producers, camera crew, runners, or anyone else you might need for your shoot. If you need help with casting, we find actors among New York’s multicultural population and can send you showreels to help you make decisions.

Because there are so many filming locations in New York, it can be difficult to narrow down which one would suit your production. NEEDaFIXER NEW YORK knows the city inside and out and can suggest the best places to film based on the look and feel you’re trying to achieve. We have access to the best technology for your production, including drone cameras for aerial shots.

Endless movies have been filmed in New York City, from classics such as Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Taxi Driver, to modern productions such as The Wolf of Wall Street and How To Be Single. Several TV shows also film regularly around the area, including Elementary and Jessica Jones.

Fixers in New York

New York City regularly welcomes film crews from around the world, and you’ll often see people filming in all the five boroughs. Times Square and Central Park are often used as a backdrop for productions as they’re iconic and look great on film, but it can take a little longer to get permits for these busy locations. NEEDaFIXER NEW YORK can help sort out all the paperwork or can find an alternative location that still suits the feel of your production.

Brooklyn looks great on film as many of the historic brownstone homes have been beautifully preserved, and it has that classic New York look. The Hell’s Kitchen neighbourhood of Manhattan has recently been the backdrop for the series Daredevil, and the old tenement buildings are perfect for historic pieces.

New York City is home to a huge number of television and film studios producing original content such as Time Warner, NBC, BBC America, and HBO.

Two of the worlds most successful TV shows centre around life in New York. Friends is still considered to be one of the best sitcoms of all time, and Sex and the City keep returning due to popular demand. You can guarantee that the city enhances any production.

What can our fixers in New York do for you?

The main challenge of filming around New York can be working around the crowds. NEEDaFIXER NEW YORK can help organise your production, whether it’s finding quieter locations in the city, or getting permits to close streets for filming.

Once you’ve got a permit you’ll often have to go before a neighbourhood board to get permission to film in certain areas, and we can ensure this is all sorted out in plenty of time for when filming starts.

From sourcing a cast and crew to transport and other logistics, we can ensure that everything is ready for you to keep your production on schedule.

Popular Filming Locations

New York can be seen in many of your favourite films and TV shows, and some popular locations include:

Times Square

Many movies set in New York have filmed in this busy hub, and the location perfectly captures the spirit of the city. You will spot Times Square in movies such as The Devil Wears Prada and The Dark Knight.

If you’re lucky enough to have experienced Times Square before, then you’ll know that it comes alive at night, with colourful displays, incredible restaurants and everything else you could possibly want to bring TV shows or films to life.

Rockefeller Plaza

TV shows such as Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock have been filmed in this art deco landmark. From the ice skating rink that’s constructed in the winter to the pretty roof gardens, this huge complex has several places to film.

Filming at the Rockefeller Center also gives you the opportunity to film 360 views of the city – which encompasses every aspect that makes New York so special.

Central Park

This vast outdoor space has several landmarks that have been used for filming. The Bandshell was seen in Hair and Breakfast At Tiffany’s, while the Tavern on the Green restaurant was seen in Ghostbusters, Beaches, and Edward Scissorhands.

From the rollerblading locals to performers and incredible food stands, Central Park is full of stunning scenery, and a lively place to be all year round.


Some of the Spiderman movies were filmed around the borough of Brooklyn, and it’s often used in period films. Brooklyn is often regarded as the cities coolest spot, with its stunning brown houses and laid back vibe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to get permits?

In some locations, you can film without a permit but it’s always best to check with The Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting to be absolutely sure of your responsibilities. A great thing about NYC is that when they do issue a filming permit, they can also provide free parking and police assistance.

Can I hire equipment once there?

There are so many places in New York City, and getting a permit is a simple process. There’s no need to worry about taking your cameras and other filming equipment on the plane.

Do I need a visa or work permit?

In most cases, you’ll need to apply for a non-immigrant work visa, but they’re relatively to obtain – especially if your stay is going to be a short one.

What is the climate like?

New York City has an east coast climate, which consists of hot summers and cold winters. It’s common to see a lot of snow during the winter months, but this can enhance your production because the city looks stunning.


’You guys were amazing! You delivered perfectly at short notice in a foreign country, introduced us to lovely crew in both and really went the extra mile in making sure it was all taken care of and confirmed properly. I can’t thank you enough and look forward to working together again.’

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’I have met NEEDaFIXER in Greece! It was LOVE from the first sight. Since then, I cannot imagine my production without them! They are like Family! Always helpful. Always happy. Always with loads of energy… & always with PASSION for what they do!’

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