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South Africa’s vast landscape has leant itself to a number of TV, commercial shoots, and films in the past.

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The regional disparity between lush vegetation and sandy plains provides filmmakers with a range of choices, enabling them to set scenes amongst the many differing types of backdrops here. Movies recently filmed in South Africa include Invictus, Blood DiamondSafe House and District 9. If you are in need of South African film fixers, contact NEEDaFIXER about your requirements. We have an international talent pool that can help you with a range of requirements, whether you need assistance acquiring film permits, talent, equipment, or post-production facilities.

The home of an established film and television industry, South Africa has a number of privately-owned and public areas for which you can acquire permission to shoot. The process of getting a permit is relatively straightforward, and is definitely something with which a film fixer could assist. Drone filming is also permitted here, which can produce quite impactful film given the spectacular landscape.

Whether you require help planning a TV commercial production, documentary or a full-length feature film, contact us to see how we can help.

South Africa is an appealing destination for filmmakers for a number of reasons, but given the expansive size of the country and the many different regions, enlisting the help of local, seasoned film fixers to assist with your production needs can be beneficial.

We can provide help and guidance with things such as:

  • Costs and financing. In addition to being a visually stunning place to shoot, South Africa is a cost-effective destination as well. There is already a great deal of film infrastructure in place, and a local production fixer will be able to help you make the most of your budget throughout your shoot.
  • Crews and talent sourcing. As there is a strong film industry presence in South Africa, film production companies are well placed to find directors, photographers and other professionals, many of whom have experience working on international shoots. In addition to (mostly non-unionised) models, actors and actresses available, there are a number of animal actors available in South Africa. From big game to domestic pets, these animals can be arranged for use in your production should it be necessary.
  • Translation. English is spoken fluently throughout South Africa with little need for a translator. However, should you wish to have someone available to help, a film fixer can arrange this for you.
  • Travel. There are a number of international flights serving South Africa daily, along with plenty of domestic flights as well. Roads are well maintained and the infrastructure comprehensive, making it easy to transport crew and equipment from location to location.
  • There is a wide range of accommodation in South Africa, and discounts can often be arranged for large parties or longer stays. Whether you prefer hotel accommodation or self-catered, one of our film fixers can help you find something suited to your taste, location and budget.
  • Visa entry into South Africa is not the most straightforward process, and so having a film fixer to assist here can be particularly beneficial. Production staff tends to be divided into two groups – an Oversight Group and a Specialist Group. The Oversight Group consists of production company employees, agencies and technical staff, while models, art actors and directors tend to be n the Specialist Group. Whether or not you need to apply for a visa in advance will depend on which group you fall into, and whether you have a letter from the South African production company that will help to streamline your processing. Entry into South Africa is also dependent on country of origin, so if you need a fixer to help with these arrangements, contact us today.
  • Premiums. South African schedules generally run to a 10-hour day with a one-hour lunch break, with overtime charged at time and a half or double time depending on how much time is put in. Again, if you need a fixer to help with budgeting in this respect, our team can assist.
  • Set construction and studio sourcing. There are a number of studios already in place in South Africa, but should you need to build a set, this can be arranged as many local art directors here have experience creating sets for international shoots. There is also plenty of equipment and technology already available here, something your film fixer can help arrange.
  • Tax Incentives and credits. Incentives and tax breaks are available to international productions in South Africa, provided certain criteria are met. Click here to find out more.
  • Safety and travel advisories. While South Africa does have high rates of crime compared to other countries, this does tend to be isolated to a certain extent, and there is ample law enforcement in place. Many international productions film in and return to South Africa without any issues whatsoever, and again, working with a local fixer can help you steer clear of troublesome spots during your stay.

Need further assistance with film production services in South Africa?

NEEDaFIXER has an international team of talent that can help you with every aspect of your stay to make sure it is a success.

South Africa has many different popular filming locations, a number of which often double for U.S. locations such as Las Vegas and even Washington DC.

There is only a two-hour time difference from Greenwich Mean Time, which can make it particularly useful for productions that want to film in an exotic location whilst still being able to work to British time zones. Major cities are often popular filming destinations:

  • Johannesburg – There are many incredible sites in South Africa’s biggest city, including the township of Soweto, a beacon of apartheid history and the former home of Nelson Mandela.
  • Cape Town – Home to stunning natural beauty and the imposing Table Mountain, Cape Town also provides incredible underwater scenery along the costs with shipwrecks and reefs to discover.
  • Durban – Situated in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province, Durban has rich African and Indian influences, making it a cultural diverse place to film.

Of course, the vast natural landscape provides agricultural scenery too, with everything from cornfields to the Kalahari Desert, forests, vineyards, lakes, and orchards available.

Other sites of interest include:

  • Kruger National Park
  • Robben Island
  • The Western Cape
  • Cape of Good Hope
  • Table Mountain
  • Ellis Park Stadium (home of the Springboks)

South Africa has lots in the way of production services, and so tends to be the film hub of much of Africa. With that said, there are no post-production labs available, although some Special FX and CGI labs do exist.

Filming in South Africa can be a once in a lifetime experience. To find out more about how NEEDaFIXER can help with film permits, casting, location scouting or any other aspect of film and TV commercial production, contact us today.

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