Fixers in Jordan

Situated in the Middle East, Jordan easily doubles for other Middle Eastern countries, but has a variety of historical landmarks such as the city of Bethany, the famous Dead Sea and the Wadi Moujeb Reserve.


I want to shoot, but how easy is it to get permits for filming and fixers in Jordan?
Thanks to the simple and easy filming regulations, few restrictions are in place and it takes approximately three days to obtain a permit.


Do I need a visa or work permit?

There’s only need for a visa if you’re from a particular country. If you’re from the UK, USA, the rest of Europe, Canada, Australia or Japan, you can obtain a two-week entry visa. Please contact us or your local embassy for any info regarding visa entry.


Can I hire equipment once there?

Lighting kits are available locally, as is military filming equipment should you wish to hire. However, any other specialised kit needs to be imported from Lebanon and its worth noting unlike many other countries, Jordan is not an ATA carnet country.


What is the climate like?

If you’re after a green backdrop, March-May is the best time bracket to film. July – August is extremely hot, but has longer filming daylight hours. If you’re shooting in the desert it’s worth noting it gets extremely hot during these months! Temperatures start getting cooler during September – November and you’ll see a sharp drop between December – February.


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