From London’s iconic skyline, with the Gherkin and The Shard dominating the city, to the natural beauty of the picture-perfect Cotswold countryside, unrivalled diversity is within easy reach when shooting in the UK – if you know where to look of course.

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 How easy is it to get permits?

The UK welcomes international and regional production companies, but it’s advisable to get in touch with an experienced location manager or a fixer in UK to provide you with the exact areas/boroughs/councils you’ll need to approach for permits. Particularly, when shooting in London it’s easy for borders for multiple councils to overlap on your location set and therefore you’d need to apply for multiple permits.

Do I need a visa or work permit?

Entry clearance is granted if you’re part of a film crew that is essential to the production. If you’re intending to do studio work/pre or post-production then you would require a work visa. However, if you’re employed overseas and you’re purely coming over to the UK for location sequences, you can stay in the UK for up to 12 months.

Can I hire equipment once there?

There’s a wide variety of equipment available in the UK, but specialist equipment can be imported.

What is the climate like?

It’s no secret the UK has very rainy weather, but they do have a standard four-season climate. Winters are usually grey and cold, spring can be quite chilly or mild and summer can be hot and humid when it isn’t raining.

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