Successful video production is about more than just selling a product or service. The secret? Share the story behind your brand. An excellent filming strategy not only sells a product, but it also sells a company.

A corporate video is a great place to share your business’ ideals. Entertain your customer, give them a glimpse into what your business really stands for…

NEEDaFIXER are award-winners when it comes to corporate video production and can help you create engaging video content for your company.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to not only creating a successful video production but one that truly is five-star.

Step #1 (Basic) – Be honest

While you don’t want to go ahead and list everything that is wrong with a company/brand/ product, you don’t want to give a totally biased, one-sided portrayal of it either.

Strong communication is respected by clients and they’ll appreciate honesty. Not only that, they’ll get to know a closer “real-life” picture of a brand, rather than a total commercial image.

Step #2 (Basic) – Call your customer to action

While you don’t want your video to purely portray the hard-sell, you should also avoid an approach where you don’t tell your customer to act at all.

While the “buy or leave” approach offers your audience the first opportunity to switch-off, right from the word “go”, not asking them to invest anything also has a negative impact.

Instead, create a video that they want to indulge in. Give them information, research and, in fact, anything you think will further enhance their commitment to your brand.

Example: If you sell chocolate, provide them with a recipe and “how-to” guide as to how to make a cake with your chocolate in it.

Check out this YouTube video for Rocky Road, the perfect recipe to include Maltesers (and this isn’t even made by the Malteser brand). Enjoy!

Step #3 (Basic) – Be creative

As you can see, it is great to get creative throughout the stages of video production.

Here at NEEDaFIXER, we’re getting creative all day. Every day.

And we never get bored.

The great thing about working as a creative team is the fact that we can bounce ideas off each other to produce the most effective corporate video production.

Take a look at this Hugo Boss commercial:

Smooth, sophisticated, sexy. Everything you want from a Hugo Boss commercial. And even when you look beyond the suave superstar that is narrating it, the shots are adventurous, engaging and well-cut.

Step #4 (Advanced) – Short shots can be effective

If the Hugo Boss commercial proves anything, let’s hope it underlines how filmmakers should not limit themselves to lengthy shots.

Feel free to film shorter shots for optimum effect, as well as longer ones. A combination of both is key to the ideal video production.

Long drawn out shots can switch-off the target consumer while too many short snaps give a video too much of a staccato feel.

Striking a balance will strike your customers.

Step #5 (Advanced) – Vary the camera angle

“Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open”- Dalai Lama

The camera angle is one of the various aspects of video production that can be overlooked by amateurs.

Professionals, however, leave and breathe camera angles! Every shot plan will be accompanied by the best camera angle for optimum portrayal.

Careful camera consideration is crucial when putting together your video production procedures.

Step #6 (Advanced) Incorporate a few HOT Trends

Some top trends of 2018 include Virtual reality, live streaming and 360-degree video.

These video production trends are what is taking corporate video to the next level, particularly on social media.

Let’s face it we’ve all seen one viral video or another with an impressive drone and how its made… we’ve probably tagged a friend too. Just to make sure they’ve seen it.

Whether you want us to plan your video strategy or simply film, we’re here to help at NEEDaFIXER.

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