Documentary Production

Documentary Production: What We Do

NEEDaFIXER has a global network of professionals that provide support to documentary filmmakers. As a well-established and highly experienced film production company based in London, you’ll have the resources and expertise you need to make your documentary film shine through pre-production, filming, and post-production.

Our teams of professionals can service you with set security, location sourcing, catering, transportation, transcription and translation. We can also provide fixers, film crews, runners, researchers, and offer transport services, help with marketing, and practical support where and when you need it.

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How We Do It

From our London HQ, we assist documentary film crews throughout the capital and across the UK. We also have strong international ties and are active in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Because we have such a widespread international network of talent, you get bespoke support based on your project budget and timeframe, perfectly blended with our technical support and creative inspiration.

What We’ve Worked On

From mini-docs to full-length feature films, we’ve done it all. See our list of clients or read testimonials that support our work.


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