Whether you want to film a commercial, feature length production, music video or just about any other project, if your plans involve filming in public places, you will need to apply for filming permission.

Film permits are issued documents that grant you permission to film in certain countries. Depending on the country in which you are filming, these permits can be issued by the local city government or council or even national bodies. It is important to obtain these permits during the pre-production phase, as failing to get the right permission can mean you’re unable to shoot in your chosen location, which can have several repercussions. The project’s location scout or film fixer should oversee applying for a film permit.    

Types of Filming Permit

The type of filming permission you will require will depend on not only the location but also the type of filming you wish to carry out.

For example, you may need permission to film in public places, such as high streets, parks and other spaces. Some cities have rules against drone filming, while others have certain criteria you have to abide by when using a drone. If you plan to shoot on a UNESCO site, historic or otherwise protected area, you will have to apply for special permission in order to do so.

How much does a film permit cost?

The cost of a film permit will depend on a number of factors and varies from country to country and city to city. Working with an experienced international team of film fixers can give you the best chances of having access to all the pricing information you could need.  


At NEEDaFIXER, we have many years of experience helping productions of all sizes obtain the necessary film permits.

We have fixers working around the world in countries such as Greece, the UK, Spain, Italy, France, the United States, Cyprus, Canada,  Japan and many others. Our experts are able to help you obtain the necessary permission for filming on public roads, in historic monuments, on private land and in many other places. We work closely with film commissions in various cities globally on a regular basis, so we know the appropriate process to ensure applications go through quickly with no steps missed. We work hard to ensure all paperwork is submitted to the appropriate bodies on time, and we negotiate fees and maximise tax incentives wherever possible.

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