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NEEDaFIXER TV commercial production services encompass everything you could need to help your upcoming advertising shoot result in success.

We have worked with some of the most prestigious and ground-breaking brands in the world, including Waitrose, Jaguar, HeinekenCoca Cola and P&G. Whether your shoot is taking place here in the UK or overseas, we have an international talent pool on standby that can help arrange all the logistical details of your shoot to enable you to focus all of your efforts into masterful creativity.

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The popularity of animated advertising has risen in recent years, no doubt thanks in part to well-received festive efforts from John Lewis and Sainsbury’s. The animation opens the door to numerous possibilities, allowing filmmakers and advertisers to engage with the content. In fact, it’s estimated that the engagement rates for video adverts are around 30 per cent than those for live-action, making it easy to see why so many marketers are looking to leverage the power of animated adverts.

Live-action still remains perpetually popular, and we can help you arrange a shoot on location or in a studio as needed. At NEEDaFIXER, whether you require a live-action shoot or connections to an animation studio, our experts can help. Our vast knowledge of the film industry in London and around the globe means we are able to work with any client brief, whether there is a treatment in place or if the idea is in its infancy.

As a TV advert production company, we pride ourselves on innovative video production that places your company in front of your target audience to increase brand awareness. 

It may be that you are creating your first TV advert, or it could be the case that simply need to have support in place to support a multi-faceted marketing campaign. For small shoots and large, live or animated, on-location or in-studio and just about anything in between, leave it to NEEDaFIXER. We can provide support each step of the way to help ensure your shoot goes without a hitch. We can help with key areas, such as:

Scheduling – We can work with short and long lead times, scheduling all aspects of your shoot down to a tee to ensure your commercial production remains within the desired timescale and of course within budget. As our fixers have many years of working on commercial shoots of varying scales, we know how to be realistic when scheduling time to ensure that you are never rushed or pressured when filming. We’ll take into account things like manpower, travel times between locations, equipment hire, managing extras and public access closures along with other things that could impact the timescale to create a realistic schedule for your shoot.

Talent sourcing – We can help you find actors, actresses, directors, producers, cinematographers, runners and even animal actors to work on set. Our international network means we can find people from different countries of various races, available to take on a wide range of roles. We can also help with arranging the audition process, and even facilitate skype or video casting calls if you require talent from overseas.

Find the location. Know where you want to shoot? Great! Need a little advice? We can help. We have fixers in major filming locations around the world as well as more obscure and lesser-known areas, so no matter your treatment, we have the talent available to find the perfect place to realise your vision. We don’t rely on videos or photos or word of mouth, but do the research ourselves to make sure each and every location is sound, safe and up to your standards.

Source the equipment. Depending on the size and nature of your shoot, you may need to hire more equipment than you have available, or get in speciality equipment. Simply tell us what you need, and we’ll source it from a reputable production company and ensure it is ready and available on your chosen day for the shoot.

Do you need a commercial fixer?

When it comes time to plan your next ad campaign, enlisting the help of a professional TV commercial production fixer could be more beneficial than you think.

Connections – We have a global database of connections in the film industry, meaning we are best placed to help you fulfil your requirements when it comes to planning and shooting your commercial.

Save time – When you leave your organisational and logistical planning in the hands of a fixer, this leaves your time free to focus on things like concept development, direction and of course the shoot itself, so you can get it the right first time and save time having to re-shoot to rectify mistakes.

Experience – If you are embarking on your first TV commercial production, you could really benefit from having the support of a film fixer to show you the ropes. While certain elements of a shoot may be obvious, others can crop up without warning or maybe forgotten, which can put your whole shoot on the back foot in terms of timing not to mention eat into your budget. By having a professional take the lead, you can be sure your bases are covered.

Negotiations – It may be that you need help translating and doing business with other countries, or it could be that you need help with negotiations in a financial sense, such as getting a lowered rate for accommodation for the duration of your shoot. This is where a fixer can really help – an established company will have longstanding relationships with things like travel and accommodation partners, which can help you receive preferred rates and ultimately save you money and hassle.

What do our commercial fixer services include?

At NEEDaFIXER, we offer clients from numerous sectors the opportunity to work with experts who can arrange a number of different aspects of film production, including:

Location scouting
Casting and talent sourcing
Equipment hire and studio sourcing
Filming permits
Insurance and liability coverage
Visas and work permits
Customs clearance
Transportation and accommodation
Onset catering

Indeed, a commercial fixer can help with the organisation of all kinds of administration and logistics in order to ensure your shoot goes exactly as planned.

How NEEDaFIXER can help

Our premium TV advertising production services are nothing but the best, and we are pleased to offer our clients the opportunity to work with a top team of producers, fixers, journalists, film crew, production managers and researchers.

Our experience and absolute love of all things film mean that we can offer so much more than just basic commercial production services. We have some super creative crew ready to work on your treatment who will provide you with ideas that will really make your TV commercial come alive in exactly the way you envision. We have provided TV commercial production and advertising production services for all budgets, from small commercials to million-pound blockbuster ads. We are used to working with clients of all spectrums and our creative flair and imagination ensure that whatever you spend, we will create nothing short of TV magic.

If you would like to discuss your TV Commercial treatment with us, then please get in touch – no job is too big or too small! If you are looking for a TV ad production company or a company specialising in the creation of high-quality TV ads then look no further.

What Our Customers Say

We’re proud of the service we offer and make a point of offering full support during the production process. We can also talk you through the production process, including pre-production, post-production and marketing strategy.

Our customers enjoy working with us because we demand perfection from each of our fixers. Partnering with us means you can build your brand through our video production for tv advertising.

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Please fill out the form below and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.

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