Need a Fixer offer comprehensive Pre-Production services. Whether you are shooting a feature film, TV series, commercial, corporate video, natural history programme or a documentary series, during the pre-production stage of your shoot, your fixer is probably the most important member of your crew. They will be your ears and eyes on the ground and may be the only point of contact that you have with all the local people and services that you need to make the production happen, whether that be in the UK or in any location around the world. Simply put, the fixer is your right hand person, your second guesser; the person who knows what you need, where to find it and how to get it.

Our Film Fixers and production assistants are world class and with their expert knowledge and experience, the pre-production stage of any production will work seamlessly. They have locations up their sleeve that you have only dreamed about and in every corner of the globe. Their ground knowledge, along with office support from our Need a Fixer London HQ ensure that all the legalities, permits, insurance, licenses, contracts, language barriers, equipment, budget, billing and the ability to keep the locals happy at every turn, mean that you can focus on the production itself, knowing that the rest is taken care of.

We operate in a global network of 63 countries. At pre-production stage, our fixers will deal with local ministries and customs officials of each of these countries, which all have very different laws and regulations, to make sure that on the day shooting commences, every intricate detail and piece of paperwork is completed tied up. They can assist in building crews, extras, local medics, drivers, caterers, runners and translators and source any kit that the crew may need, large or small. They know everybody, from the best sound engineers to the best coffee makers.

Our fixer’s experience and network of suppliers, transport, accommodation and any other service imaginable, mean that any production can benefit from the best rates and the highest quality service. All our partners are used to working with us. They know our business and are flexible to our needs.

Our pre-production service can be as basic or as advanced as you require. No job is too big or too small for Need a Fixer. You may just need help and guidance with arranging film permits and customs clearance or you may require all the elements of pre-production needed for an all-encompassing production, including concept creation, director treatments, crew sourcing through to shooting and post-production.

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