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Expert Production Assistant Services

At Need-a-Fixer, we offer a complete Fixing and Production Support Service across our global network of 63 countries and cities. Our on the ground production assistants (fixers) are there to relieve you of all the day to day paperwork and logistics in order for the shoot to run smoothly.

They are there to make the shoot happen, from the initial research stage which can involve brainstorming ideas, assisting with casting, submitting photographs for any proposals, doing research recces on location, scheduling and generally scouting for anything and anyone.

What Do Production Assistants Do?

Production assistants will assist with the permits, insurance, licenses, contracts and any other paperwork necessary for filming. They will deal with the local ministries and custom officials and just make sure everything is organised and zipped up ready for shooting to commence.

Why Choose a Need a Fixer Production Assistant?

Using one of our production assistants means you get can assist in sourcing local production crew, extras, local medics, drivers, caterers, runners, translators and they can source any kit that the crew need from huge equipment to walkie talkies.

They are experienced in managing the budget, providing extensive ground knowledge of the area and location as well as providing precise and thorough feedback to the director.

Every production assistant that works with us understands that it’s a diverse role that comes with no set job description. From hands-on support to advice, recruiting actor and assisting the producer, our production assistants have extensive knowledge about the film industry.

If you’re looking for production assistants that aren’t only experienced but passionate about film and TV production, then you won’t be disappointed.

Every production assistant that works with us embodies strong leadership skills and welcomes the opportunity to take on a range of job responsibilities.

From working with costume designers to dealing with call sheets and supporting the art department our production assistants are ready and willing to share their experience to create something incredible.

Our Production Assistants Work Under Your Specifications

Rome wasn’t built in a day and Need a Fixer wasn’t either! Our company not only survives but flourishes because we make sure every team member is special and has unique talents.

Our production assistants all possess the following personality traits and background:

  • Work experience within the film industry
  • Strong levels of industry knowledge
  • Understanding and willingness to carry out all parts of production assistant duties
  • A bachelors degree or experience gained through production courses
  • Management skills
  • Experience working with scripts

They will absolutely ensure that all the filming solutions required throughout the shoot are tailored to suit your exact budget with a firm dedication to working within the budget specifications. No job is too small and no budget is too small since our production assistants can get creative! Their experience allows them to solve every type of problem ever encountered and their local knowledge is invaluable when it comes to fixing, fast.

We are happy to simply just help with the basics such as arranging film permits and customs clearance to running the full production in all the countries that we operate in, from concept creation, director treatments, pre-production, crew, production and post-production.

Whether you are developing a feature film, TV series, TV commercial, corporate video, natural history programme or documentary series, we can make it happen.

Find a Production Assistant Today

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level production assistant to support your producer or would like someone from a management background, we have a range of production assistants available to suit all budgets and filming requirements.

If you’d like more information about our other services including pre-production, post-production, scripts and filming then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Get in touch with one of our fixing/film fixer team using the enquiry form below and we will be delighted to discuss your production assistant requirements. We live, breathe and love this business and will be more than happy to help!

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