Music Video Production

Engaging music videos can make or break a track, artist, or album.

Need proof?

Nine out of ten of the most-watched videos on YouTube are music videos.

The medium has an enduring and far-reaching appeal. But, in a saturated market, yours has to stand out from the rest. That’s where music video production services come in handy.

The days of MTV’s basic videos are long gone, and today, music video production is essentially a mini-movie. There’s a distinct creative process where producers and music artists collaborate to create a high-quality story that brings musical art to life.

Services We Offer

Need help creating a music video?

NEEDaFIXER is a full-service music video production house based in London. We’ll help take your vision from concept to screen, providing hands-on assistance throughout. Our team have years of experience and will take care of all elements of video production.

Are you creating a video for a high-energy pop song set in space? Or, are you looking for the perfect backdrop for a country song? Whether the project is big or small, whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, we’ll help make the production process as smooth as possible. Starting with brainstorming and storyboarding, we’ll work with you to create compelling and impactful music videos.

We can help source and secure locations, obtain permits and video production insurance, and can even call on our contacts in catering and transportation. We have professionals on hand who can take care of all aspects of production and post-production, including directing, photography and editing. Our capable marketing experts can package and promote your music video to maximize its success.

Projects We’ve Worked On

As one of the top companies specialising in video production, we’ve worked on a range of projects. While our base is in London, our creative ability has sent us all over the world making visual art for a range of purposes.

Our professional directors love working with music artists and we’re available to offer support and guidance every step of the way. Here’s some of our latest work within the music industry:

Like what you see? Check our full portfolio of work.

Why Choose NEEDaFIXER?

At NEEDaFIXER, we create music videos that make a real impact. We work with the best and brightest around the world in order to deliver your vision. But it’s not just connections that we have. It’s our experience, passion and creativity that elevate our work above the rest.

Whatever your budget or concept, we’ll work with you throughout the production process. We’re as invested as you are in making a music video that stands out.

Whether you’d like our directors to bring a sad song to life, capturing each emotional aspect or want to dominate the charts with a summer anthem, we can come up with the perfect video to bring your music to life.

Our London based creative team get that you want to create a wonderful experience for your fans, and we know that music can create a range of emotions. Our film will complement your music video, but never overshadow it.

If you want to work with a specialist media team and always make sure every music video we create makes a big impression.

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