Who We Are

Who are we?

We are NEEDaFIXER, your global production, service and fixing house, and your single point of contact for productions all over the world!

We are powered by the NEEDaFIXER Community – the largest network of film directors, producers, fixers, location managers, crew and journalists, operating in 100+ countries.

We pride ourselves on being the first point of contact when it comes to international shoots. Our clients can vouch that we offer the best service in the industry at the most competitive rates.  Whether you’re arranging a shoot from out of town or heading overseas, your production can benefit from the 24/7 support of our global team.

We’re not an agency that recommends film talent just to score a commission. We are a global production, service and fixing company that can arrange all elements of your pitching process, creative treatments, pre-production, production and post. Plus, we always go the extra mile to secure and guarantee the success of your shoot.

At NEEDaFIXER, we live and breathe filming, and no job is too big or too small for us. We love sharing our local knowledge about film permits just as much as we love producing demanding multi-camera shoots or your next award-winning video. We simplify. We organise. We delegate. We troubleshoot. And as an extension of your production team, we succeed!

Why work with us?

We can present endless reasons why others choose NEEDaFIXER, but we hope you’ll experience the great service we offer by giving us a chance to work with you. However, summarising the comments we’ve heard from our clients over the years, we could mention the following:
  • We are global with unrivalled breadth and depth of local expertise! We know how to organise and simplify the most demanding multiple country shoots. Whether you want to film in Europe, Africa or the Middle East, we can advise you in seconds on the best way to proceed.
  • We have the best film teams in 100+ countries. We’ve toiled many years to create the global NEEDaFIXER Community, and our community managers are still on the daily grind connecting with the best talent of our industry.
  • At NEEDaFIXER, our team members aren’t simply jacks of all trades! We are experts in different sectors, continents, countries and fields. We never use the same team for a news doc and a TV commercial. On the contrary, we only work with the most talented directors, producers, crew and fixers who specialise in certain areas: TVCs, TV Series, Reality Shows, Music Videos, Online Videos, Corporate Videos, Destination/Hotel Videos and News Documentaries/Stories. Just let us know what your project is about, and we’ll make sure you work with the right team.
  • We offer the best solutions for your available budget. At NEEDaFIXER, we believe if the concept is good, then you don’t always need to spend a fortune to make your dream come true.  From the beginning, we ask you how much you can afford to spend. Then we explore the best possibilities and appoint the appropriate director, producer, crew or fixer to make it happen for you.
  • We can help you produce your next video or organise specific aspects of your production to your exact needs.
  • We provide you with one main point of contact: an experienced producer to oversee all your international shoots. If you’re planning an international shoot and you work with NEEDaFIXER, you’ll immediately get one account manager as your main point of contact who can arrange everything on your behalf. That includes coordinating all the local teams and making sure you receive the same excellent standards of service. Of course, you’re also welcome to speak to our local teams directly if you prefer.
  • We simplify accounting procedures by arranging a single invoice for you. We save you the time and hassle of sorting through multiple invoices for crew and kit by providing you with one detailed invoice from NEEDaFIXER.
  • We make your productions easier.
  • We have all the necessary insurance policies in place, including public liability and employers’ liability.
  • We have anti-bribery policies in place, and our team goes through regular training sessions.
  • For simpler shoots, although you only pay for a fixer, you get a team of experienced production coordinators who will support you every step of the way.
  • Most importantly, we guarantee the success of the shoot and take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the services we offer.

What services do we offer?

This is our favourite part! We offer a wide range of film services and enjoy working on diverse requests. Our services can be summarised as follows: 


  • From concept to completion, we only work with the most talented directors from our global community.
  • Full in-house production services tailored to each project
  • Post production (full spec) with the most creative editors
  • Full on-line capabilities: sound mixing, motion graphics, colour grading and broadcast delivery


  • Film
  • Television
  • Commercials
  • Corporate Video Productions
  • Music Videos

We support producers on their shoots both near and far, providing comprehensive, turn-key production and location support all over the world. We’ve worked on Feature Films, TV Series, Commercials, Corporate Videos, Photo Shoots, Reality TV, Music Videos and more. 


  • We provide the best local fixers for small-scale productions.


  • We assist broadcasters and journalists in fixing their stories.

What can we arrange for you?

At NEEDaFIXER, we assist you at every step of the production process, from drafting initial concepts and treatments to delivering the final cut. We can help with the following:
  • Production Crews
  • Film and Video Camera Rental
  • Lighting and Grip
  • 360-degree Shoots and Drone Filming
  • Post-production Services
  • Production Management and Support
Our full in-house production services combined with our talented and experienced team opens the door to new possibilities. 

Why projects have we worked on?

We’ve helped produce a wealth of content for some of the biggest names you know and love, including music videos for Little Mix and Imagine Dragons, promotional material for Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines, adverts for clients such as Kiwi, Sony, Booking.com and much more.  
We can assist with projects of all shapes and sizes: 
  • Feature films
  • TVCs
  • Corporate Videos
  • Online Videos
  • TV Shoots
  • Destination/Hotel Videos
  • Music Videos
  • Documentaries
  • News Programmes

Where are we based?

Our HQ is in London, where a 30+ member team of producers, production coordinators, location managers and country specialists operate. We also have our own full-time offices all over the world as well as NEEDaFIXER Community partners who jump into specific projects when necessary.

To explain this further, we have permanent teams in countries where there is a high demand for shoots, including Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Tokyo, Dubai, Mexico, Los Angeles, etc., but we also have fantastic production teams on-call in places where we only film a few times a year. These production teams have been appointed as proud representatives of our NEEDaFIXER Community.

Finally, why are we called NEEDaFIXER?

The term “fixer” is derived from use in the field of journalism. Foreign correspondents or journalists on assignment in an unfamiliar location would hire a helper to “fix” various aspects of their interview or story. The fixer would provide things like translation services and assist with logistical planning, such as transportation and accommodation. The local knowledge and insight provided by the fixer were vital to the success of journalist’s piece. 

The definition of “fixing” eventually extended into the film and television industry. In today’s terms, a fixer helps to coordinate shoots and offers logistical support at every stage, from pre-production through to re-shoots and post production.
At NEEDaFIXER, we’ve expanded upon this definition: We believe that a fixer can be anyone involved in the creation and materialisation of a film project – the director, the producer, the journalist, the location manager, the gaffer. At the end of the day, we are all fixers because we FIX the most amazing projects, bringing the unique stories of our clients to life. 
So if you’re ready and willing to shoot your next project with the best talent in the industry, contact NEEDaFIXER to make it happen! Call us today at +44 (0) 20 8549 2259 or email us. We respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.


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