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Here at NEEDaFIXER, we know that finding the right film location can be the difference between making an OK movie and an epic movie. A film’s location can make or break your film production because it not only influences the overall look, feel and atmosphere of your film production, but your movie location can also hit your film budget hard too.

Which is why you need a specialist film location company to help you find the perfect location in which to shoot your film. Enter NEEDaFIXER – the largest international network of film specialists, including directors, producers, fixers and location scouts.

NEEDaFIXER are not just passionate about filming, we have a whole global community of film production specialists we can tap into, including location scouts who will find you the perfect film location. Because whilst NEEDaFIXER are experts at everything to do with film production services, this also includes having film fixers in locations around the world.

Filming Locations

When you’re producing a film or a television production, instead of (or in addition to) just using sets, getting out into a location will add more realism to your production than filming in a studio ever could.

Where you choose to film can often be determined by your budget, so if you are unfamiliar with a country, or if you’re producing your film in an unknown location, it makes sense to utilise the services of a film location scout who not only knows the lay of the land, but can offer you alternatives too, ensuring that you maintain your budget and you produce the best film possible.

NEEDaFIXER offer bespoke filming services and a film fixer team in diverse locations in over 50 countries. Some of the most popular filming locations include Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany and London.

Why use a film location

The importance of finding the right film location can be paramount to telling the story that you want to tell. Location not only sets the scene of your film production but when a picture paints a thousand words, the location can convey more backstory than a well-crafted script ever could.

Just as finding the right actors to portray your characters, and the right score to set the mood and the tone of the film are key to making a great movie, so too is finding the right film location. And choosing a great film location is based on more than just the scenery.

Your film location has to be easily accessible for cast and crew, you can be at the mercy of the weather, you could be inundated with visitors and locals alike as your chosen film location could be a popular hotspot, and in some cases there might be legal issues and you have to secure permissions to film there.

However, you have one thing on your side, and that is that you don’t have to film in the exact location your movie is set. For example, a Western epic doesn’t have to be filmed in the wild west or in a desert, nor does an edgy urban crime drama need to be filmed in the city badlands.

Film location company

You might think that using the services of a local or international film location company such as NEEDaFIXER is an added expense that you just can’t afford, but not only are our film location services competitive, but hiring a dedicated film location agency can save you money in the long run should you run into any obstacles during the filming of your production. Because obstacles can lead to delays and delays will cost more than the film location company fees.

Choosing the right film location company

When you opt to use a film location company to help you find the perfect location to shoot your movie, there are several things you will want to consider, these can include:

  • Worldwide filming location knowledge – you want a film location company that has the ability to source you diverse locations both locally and internationally, as sometimes the best locations for your production won’t be close to home.
  • Experienced crew – you want a film location company who has an experienced crew who know exactly what they’re doing so they don’t cause any delays to your filming schedule.
  • Industry connections – you want a film location company that doesn’t just have the ability to find you diverse locations, you want one who has the right industry connections with relationships to film producers, property owners and other people who can help you find ideal film locations fast.
  • Cost – you want a film location company that doesn’t cost the earth, is affordable and that can work within your budget.

NEEDaFIXER is that experienced film location company that can help you locate and secure locations that will allow you to create the scene your film needs. We not only have a database jam-packed full of diverse locations but with film location scouts around the world, we can find you exactly what you’re looking for quickly.

If you require assistance with choosing a film location, then contact us today to see how we can help.

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