Video Production in London

Video Production in London

If you’re looking for assistance with video production in London, from event filming to commercials, to creating corporate or promotional videos, you will need NEEDaFIXER London, an award-winning, cost-effective video production company.

NEEDaFIXER doesn’t just offer video production services in London, we are a full-service video production company, trusted by a wide range of clients across the globe, in multiple sectors including Qatar Airways, Sony, GoPro, Little Mix, and many, many more.

Not only do we have an international pool of talent that we dip into, but we also have a number of experienced film and fixer professionals in our video production agency in London that can provide much-needed assistance and production support to your video production, both pre and post-production.

All of the engaging content that we produce for your video will deliver impact through new filming techniques and innovative filming technologies, as we’ve demonstrated in documentaries in Africa to music videos for Little Mix, TV commercials for Qatar Airways to corporate video productions for Sony, as well as feature films, destination videos, promotional videos and news programmes.

Every piece of engaging content that we produce is imbued with the passion, creativity and energy that each unique story requires, in order to be told well.

So, whether you require help finding the perfect shooting location among one of the city’s 33 boroughs, or you need help with talent sourcing, or just want that little added support to bring all the elements of your high-quality video production together, NEEDaFIXER is a production company in London that has the solution for you.

London Video Production Services NEEDaFIXER offers

NEEDaFIXER isn’t just a London based company, we are a community of local and international film directors, producers, fixers, location managers, crew and journalists. We operate in over 100 countries around the world, and so whatever video production need you have, or help with video content strategy you require, or assistance with digital video content, we can provide a solution.

And no job is too big or too small. We are agile, flexible and accommodating, making sure that your exact requirements are met, tailoring every project that we work on to match what you need.

We aren’t just out to make a commission. From the very outset, we become personally involved in all of our productions, ensuring that you not only get value for money, but you get full access to our entire spectrum of video production experts, ensuring that your high-quality video production isn’t just done well, it’s the top of its game.

As such, whatever assistance you require for your video production, we are proud to offer, amongst our many services.

Aerial Videography

Take your video production to new heights with aerial videography. NEEDaFixer aerial videography guarantees you access to the latest technology and HD cameras, capturing your video from fabulous new angles and elevations.

Time-lapse Videography

Tell your story through this innovative video production technique. By illustrating processes that occur over a period of time, you can capture key milestones and offer audiences a unique perspective.

Campaign videos

Bring your campaign to new audiences with an experienced video production company.

Training Videos

Give your employees easy access to training materials, whenever they need access and have time to consume it. Onboard new employees more quickly, efficiently deploy new information and communicate the same message simply, comprehensively and informatively to all employees.

Immersive Music Video Production Services

Since MTV began to showcase music videos, they’ve become a staple for any artist and record company. Essentially, a music video brings the song to life and creates an immersive experience for viewers. But you have to get the theme, set, costumes and filming process right.

Need a Fixer offers stunning music videos services that place any viewer at the heart of your video.

Stunning Visual Experiences

Our creative teamwork with artists and record labels to create incredible music video experiences for viewers. No matter what genre and audience you’re targeting, we have a director and producer that’s perfect for your needs.

Our experience spans across:

  • Hip hop
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Reggae
  • Alt Music
  • Independent music artists

Work with London’s Premier Video Production Company Experts

The NEEDaFIXER London team are an impassioned bunch of cost-effective creatives with a variety of specialities and professional backgrounds all-around video creation services.

Whether you need talent behind or in front of the camera, to help you create engaging content for a promotional video, or post-production help in the cutting room, our London based range of experts can provide valued assistance with all aspects of video production including video content strategy.

NEEDaFIXER London is a video production company that has worked on video productions of all scales and natures, from event filming to advertising, corporate video production to promotional videos, TV commercials to brand videos, documentaries, animation, music videos, multilingual digital video content and more.

As a full-service video production company, we can work with your existing vision or help you bring an as-yet undecided project to life – this means helping with anything from the initial treatment to the filming and post-production, marketing, distribution and more.

London’s iconic landmarks, venues and parks are instantly recognisable and appear in numerous videos each year. When production companies aren’t out making the most of the sights and scenery in the capital, many are filming in prestigious, infamous studios such as Pinewood Studios, Ealing Studios and Shepperton Studios. As NEEDaFIXER is a production company in London, we are best placed to help you find the perfect location and resources for your specific project so that your high-quality video reaches the highest possible production standards.

How NEEDaFIXER London can help you

By working with NEEDaFIXER London, you are instructing one of the most well-appointed, cost-effective and talented video production agencies not just in London, but in the industry.

We have an impressive network of film professionals, with the latest film techniques, using new technologies, working throughout London and around the UK. But should you need to enlist talent or equipment from overseas, our fixers will be more than happy to facilitate. We have an extensive list of contacts and access to a global talent pool that can travel to London and help with your video production project.

Want to know more? Click here to send us an email, or call us on +44 (0) 20 8549 2259 to learn more about how NEEDaFIXER London can help with your upcoming video project.

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