Production House

Based in London, our film and video production house has helped bring numerous projects to life.  

Our experienced team can help you develop ideas from concept through to completion, whether you’re creating a promotional or corporate video, a short or feature length film, or anything in between.

What is a production house?

A film production house essentially helps a film be made – it houses all the necessary talent and personnel to assist with finding directors, sourcing funds, acquiring permits, hiring talent and much more.

From pre- to post-production, the team will be able to assist with numerous aspects of planning, filming and marketing and publicity to optimise the success of each and every project. These projects can range from small scale television productions through to large full-length films, advertising and promotional materials, documentaries, corporate videos, TV series, filmed live events or shows and many other types of productions.

At NEEDaFIXER, we are able to provide the necessary support to productions of any size and scale thanks to our global network of film industry talent.

Our Process

Our film experts are able to provide a wide range of services, including

  • Storyboarding
  • Script editing and table reads
  • Talent acquisition
  • Logistics and filming organisation  
  • Editing and post-production
  • Delivery and marketing

We break down each project into specific stages in order to help us plan things more efficiently:

Strategy: What are the projected timelines? What is the shoot budget? What is the purpose of the project and projected ROI? We can work with these parameters in order to start putting together a comprehensive production plan.

Production Services: Once we’ve determined what your shoot requires, we can set about finding everything necessary to make your production a success. From directors, producers and animators to photographers, actors, animals and translators, our one-stop-shop production house means you’re able to find everything you need in one place.  

Post-production Services: Once your project has wrapped, using our network, we can connect you with essential services that will help you to put in place the finishing touches. We can facilitate a range of post-production services such as film editing, sound editing, colour grading, scoring and music services, and more.

Distribution: NEEDaFIXER can provide essential services to help market and distribute your production once finished, helping you to achieve maximum impact.

Why choose NEEDaFIXER?

As one of the world’s leading and most respected film production houses, we are best placed to provide all of the services you need for your shoot through a single point of contact.

We have worked on productions of numerous sizes and scales, so we are able to work with any budget and help filmmakers achieve success. Our expertise in filmmaking and other key areas such as distribution can make a substantial difference to the performance of any finished project. Whether you want to produce a video in hubs such as London or LA, or plan a remote shoot in a far-flung corner of the world, our team is up to the challenge.

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