Film Production Services

When filming around the world, no two locations are ever the same. Different places demand different permits, equipment, languages, rules, and customs. Our film production services are the answer. On the ground knowledge backed by 24/7 office support makes us your best asset.

We cater to your film production needs so any shoot in any location is far less daunting then it may appear. We make your project run smoothly with the largest international network of film fixers. Let us guide your project from research and pre-production through to post-production.

You get a fixer on location as well as on-call support from our head office in London. Whether on location or in the head office, our expert team will deliver everything you need.

Our Film Production Services

  • Film Locations
  • Film Equipment Rental
  • Crews
  • Transportation
  • Location Scouts

Filming Locations

With every country having their own film commission, council, rues and regulations, obtaining a film permit or even finding a location can be a pain. But we have an amazing database of locations around the world. Tell us where you want to shoot, and we’ll find the perfect film location to suit your budget. Our London and global teams can secure permits in a flash, whenever, wherever.

JapanNew YorkCaliforniaCanada
South AfricaGermanyAustriaBelgium
VietnamBrazilSouth KoreaJordan

Can’t find the location you want to film in? Please contact us with the location you have in mind as we provide filming and production services globally.

Film Equipment Rental

We have accounts with the world’s biggest equipment rental houses. With our huge list of contacts, we can provide you with the kit you need at competitive rates. We’re happy to deal with the smallest camera hire requests or a full kit list for high-end productions. We also have worldwide production and equipment insurance, so any gear you hire through us is fully covered.

Film Crews

Finding the best crew can be a struggle for some, especially in a foreign land. Assemble your A-team with our list of production crew in more than 100 countries. We work closely with leading directors, DOPs, camera operators, gaffers, sound operators, sparks, grips, hair and makeup, art directors, script supervisors, runners and many more. And there are film crew options to suit any budget.


NEEDaFIXER works closely with trusted vehicle rental and transportation companies. From a small car to a fully equipped production vehicle, we make it happen. Thanks to our worldwide connections, we offer the best rates. Not to mention, our team and all of the crew we work with have clean, full driving licenses. They know about the places from which they hail so navigating even the toughest locations is easy and efficient.

Location Scouting

Our location scouts are ready to help you find the perfect filming location. Learn more about our Location Scouts.

NEEDaFIXER is one of the UK’s leading film production companies.

Find out about our Film Fixers.

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