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What are film fixers and how do they work?

Our film fixers are talented, enthusiastic and live and breathe film. From finding the most unique and special locations, to providing the most professional and detailed feedback to producers, our fixers simply make things happen.

Their years of experience ensure that they know about locations you have only dreamed about and would never find by yourself. On top of that, their knowledge and familiarity with every location enables them to run through procedures smoothly with every intricate detail taken care of. From the legalities, the permits, the paperwork, the language and the equipment, to building a crew and generally making the locals happy, our fixers are world class and will ensure that your production runs like a dream.

Our film fixers have looked after film production companies on every single corner of the globe, and no two locations have ever been the same. They revel in this, and their ground knowledge along with office support from our NEEDaFIXER London HQ means that every element of the production, from pre-production planning to post production output on every different platform, works perfectly to plan.

Every country has their own film commission, council and film permit application criteria as well as individual location permissions. This all involves complicated paperwork, which as a production company, you just don’t need to be bogged down with. Fortunately, our fixers are experts in these matters and will remove the stress of all the administration and billing with speed and efficiency so that you can focus on the film at hand. We already have an amazing database of locations that we are fully familiar with, but even if it’s not on our books yet, we will find you the most excellent location that will be completely in tune with your imagination and budget. Many of our locations actively encourage filming for productions, meaning that access and permissions are instant and filming can commence immediately. Not only are they beautiful spots to film at, but they are also convenient and film friendly with parking, dining facilities, on hand catering and other useful elements that any production company would desire.

We are constantly in communication with the leading crew in a host of countries, including directors, DOPs, camera operators, gaffers, sound operators, sparks, grips, hair and make-up, art directors, script supervisors, runners and many more. Years of working with leading crew members across the globe has established a high level of trust between us and means that we are completely confident in their abilities. We can add individual crew members to your team, or we can put together a full crew from scratch. We will refer thoroughbred crew members to you until you are happy that you have the right person or people for the job.

If you need a single piece of equipment in any country, or perhaps an entire kit, we know all of the leading equipment rental companies and have accounts with them, so just leave everything to us. Our relationship with these companies means that we benefit from the most competitive rates, which you would not ordinarily have access to. We also have full production and equipment insurance, so if you hire your equipment through us, it will be fully covered and instantly protected.

Our film fixers are happy to work on productions of any scale and budget, and no job is too large or too small as we have a fantastically skilled team that is fully capable of producing creative solutions for any budget. Whether a small production or a huge block buster, our passion and devotion will ensure that your shoot is an absolute success. Whether you are looking for a TV Fixer, Film Fixer  of General Fixer then we can help.

What is a Film Fixer?

A film fixer is the term given to someone who arranges interviews, location permits, transport, hotels and location scouting. Film fixers can also be referred to as “Local Fixers” who are responsible for arranging everything required for effective filming from accommodation to permits, food and more.

Alternative references include production coordinators / local producers.

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