Video marketing has rapidly become the latest trend in the PR and marketing industry. In a world where digital marketing has more impact than ever, the significance of video has increased at lightning speed.

In fact, according to YouTube’s official blog a billion hours of video are watched on YouTube each day. According to Wordstream87% of online marketers use video content and 45% of people watch videos for more than an hour each week on Facebook and YouTube.


If you haven’t jumped on this already, then you need to do so… right now.  

First, let’s answer: What is video marketing?

The definition of online video marketing is “the use of video to promote your brand, service or product”.

Think of all the famous YouTubers you know. They’re doing what they love and using video marketing to promote themselves. And they’re minted! 

Video Marketing from NEEDaFIXER

Need another example? Take a look at our Canne-award-winning hotel video for Canaves Oia.

We used creative video marketing to capture the hotel’s luxury and service and make the most of the outstanding beauty of Santorini. This is how you sell a hotel in 2 minutes or less.

Why is video marketing important?

It’s true, video marketing is vital in 2018. Whether you are a small company advertising a unique product or a huge business trying to stay ahead of the game, you NEED video marketing. And here are 5 reasons why.

5 reasons why video marketing is vital

1. One minute of video is worth about 1.8 million words.

According to MotionSource and PopVideo, the impact of a single minute of video is worth about 1.8 million words.

Although this figure is meant to be taken figuratively, when you put this into revenue terms, it’s clear that video brings in the bucks…

How much time and money would it take to produce 1.8 million words compared to one minute of video? 

No matter how you slice it, a video can convey more content in a shorter amount of time than written text thanks to its combination of visuals, audio and text overlays.

2. Consumers have got lazier.

Nowadays, many consumers prefer video content over reading.

The general data trends show that video content is much more popular than regular content, and videos are a great way of leading to conversions.

The bounce rate for websites gets much lower when you compare those with video content and those without. And since the average bounce rate of a website is 50% (MotionSource), websites need all the help they can get.

3. Video is perfect for smartphones and mobile use.

With the development of smartphones and more people using mobile technology, the use of video has gained even more significance.

92% of smartphone users watch and share video, and more than half of video content is viewed on mobile (Wordstream). Snapchat is one among the many hugely popular platforms for sharing videos and multimedia messages, with over 150 million daily users.

With numbers like that, why wouldn’t you want to optimize your video marketing for mobile and reap the rewards?

 4. Videos are ideal for sharing on social media.

Videos encourage shares on social media and are much more likely to go viral than written content.

83% of consumers will consider sharing a video when it’s created with consumers in mind. (HubSpot)

Now that’s a massive amount of reach! An ongoing advertisement that costs very little.

5. Google loves video content.

While we all know that content and keywords play a significant part in Google’s algorithm, the use of video encourages length of time spent on the brand’s site and therefore improves the overall performance of the site on an SEO level.

Google wants the consumers to be happy, and with 52% of consumers saying they’re happier with buying a product when they’ve watched a video about it (PopVideo), we can see that video marketing is unlikely to be going anywhere.

Well, not yet anyway.

Can NEEDaFIXER help you with video marketing?


Our expert film fixers, project managers and creatives are on hand to help with all aspects of your video marketing campaign.