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One of the great advantages of filming in Colombia is its undiscovered and unspoilt filming locations that allow filmmakers to screen beautiful sights and magnificent landscapes, inspiring imagination and creativity.

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The sheer variety of filming locations offered by Colombia make the country an excellent choice for different types of films. Filmmakers can choose from vibrant and lively cities, as well as Amerindian ruins and colonial towns.

What’s more, Colombia is home to vast natural landscapes, offering filmmakers access to plenty of beaches, mountains, waterfalls and rivers, as well as desert landscapes, rainforests and land used for agriculture. Such agricultural lands include: Cattle ranches, coffee plantations and Colombian crops, like bananas, rice, cocoa and corn.

Colombia is particularly well-noted for its out-of-this-world, tropical, underwater filming opportunities on San Andrés and Providencia Islands.

Columbia has recently been used for filming in various noteworthy and modern films including: Gallows Hill (2013), The Motorcycle Diaries (2004), and Love in the Time of Cholera (2007).

If you are looking to film in Colombia, NEEDaFIXER can help with the organisation of all aspects of your film shoot. From set-up and travel, to filming and editing, NEEDaFIXER have expert knowledge of various filming techniques and our professional fixers can help you with:

Costs and Financing. Columbia offers excellence in terms of value for money, offering a variety of filming locations at a low cost. What’s more, NEEDaFIXER can help you negotiate any deals on your filmmaking experience. Ultimately, when filming in Columbia, you are looking at spending less than half the amount of money, in comparison to filming in the USA. 

Crews and talent sourcing. It is recommended to source lead roles from other countries when filming in Colombia. Colombian inhabitants mostly consist of Mestizo, Afro-Colombian, Caucasian and Amerindian people whose looks will need be considered when assessing suitability for certain scenes. Columbian film crews tend to be incredibly hardworking and experienced, local directors have the advantage of knowing the areas incredibly well, although not all will speak English. It is useful to know that Colombia has 3 stunt companies for stunt scenes.

Translation. The majority of Colombians speak Spanish and therefore Spanish to English translation services may be required for British filmmakers. Heads of department in the filming industry will speak English, however, you may want to source a translator for communication with other members of your film crew. NEEDaFIXER are more than happy to help with any translation services you require.

Travel. Travel to Columbia is fairly cheap. There are several international airlines that fly into the major Colombian cities, including the capital Bogota. Budget airlines can be booked in advance to keep costs down. There are also buses connecting most towns and car hire is also possible. Most roads are well-maintained, although problems can arise on mountain roads and very rural locations, due to heavy rainfall during the raining season. There are a few locations, such as the town of Leticia on the edge of the Amazon River that can only be accessed by air.

Accommodation. Accommodation in Colombia offers good value for money. What’s more, NEEDaFIXER can help you arrange your choice of accommodation where required.

Visas. Visas are not required for American, Japanese, South African and Australian citizens, or citizens of New Zealand and most of Western Europe. If you are filming in Colombia, however, it is highly recommended take a Letter of Introduction from the Filming Commission when entering the country and showing it to Customs and Immigration. NEEDaFIXER can, of course, support you with Visas and Letters of Introduction, where required.

Set Construction and studio sourcing. Colombia has a limited number of sound studios and special effect studios, and offers set construction to a highly artistic and realistic standard. Set construction is varied and creative. Filming equipment can be hired locally. If you would prefer to bring your own filming equipment, you’ll need permission from the Ministry of Culture and an equipment list for approval. Filming equipment can remain in the country for a maximum of 6 months. NEEDaFIXER can support you with studio sourcing and arranging your filming equipment.

Tax incentives and credits. Film services in Colombia are offered a 40% tax rebate, while a 20% tax rebate is offered for film logistics services.

Safety and travel advisories. Because Colombia is a tropical-zone country, you should be careful of diseases caught from mosquitos, such as Malaria, Dengue fever and Yellow fever, as well as the more recent disease, Chikungunya. Other tropical insects can also act as nuisances, causing insect bites and other mild conditions. Suitable vaccinations are required for the risk associated with mosquitoes before you travel, it is therefore essential to visit your healthcare professional before you travel to Colombia.

Altitude sickness is also common in the mountains, and travel to Colombia can sometimes be affected by flooding and heavy rain. Although Colombia has improved its security, and generally has a better reputation in terms of acts of violence and street crime, there is still a possibility of falling victim to violence and care should be taken when out at night in the major cities. Colombia has a high crime rate. Muggings, pickpocketing and violence are fairly common.

Colombia is home to numerous popular filming locations including: The Amazon rainforest, the magnificent Andes Mountains and La Guajira Desert. The highest point of the Andes mountains, Pico Cristóbal Colón, captures the attention of many filmmakers, in addition to the Tayrona National Park which offers fantastic scenes, combining the coast with the jungle, and therefore offering limitless filming opportunities.

In addition, the Caribbean and Pacific Coasts span Columbia, offering filmmakers a combination of rugged coastline and white sandy beaches.

When to shoot in Colombia?

The long hours of daylight are a huge advantage when it comes to shooting in Colombia, however, it is generally recommended to avoid the rainy season when filming your shoot. The recommended months for filming in Columbia are December to March, or July and August.

If you would like to find out more about shooting in Colombia, as well as any more information about any of the filming locations, crew, travel information or any other production services you may need in Colombia, please contact NEEDaFIXER today.

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