The script is nailed. The gags have been road tested. Friends and family are rolling around at the hilarious words and the characters who deliver them. Now it’s time to make it look funny. 

There are so many variables to creating a stunning comedy film. Start out on the right track by getting our production team on board. Our global network of expertise and talent are ready to deliver your comedic vision.

When directing a comedy film, having the funny dialogue is just the beginning. Getting the right voices for that dialogue is essential. We can help source actors who can deliver the visual comedy to complement the funny lines being delivered.

There are some filming techniques which can be used specifically to enhance the funny elements of a film.

Some are exaggerated versions of classic techniques, others slightly more off the wall:

The Camera Bump. Using the camera to walk into the action and become part of the visual joke. An accidental collision with a main character or prop can bring real belly laughs.

Following The Dialogue Literally. A character may exclaim “Look over there!”. The shot could literally follow the instruction, turning in the direction being pointed. This shouldn’t be done too smoothly, in fact a clumsy manoeuvre may be even funnier.

The Slow Zoom. Used in all types of filming to pick up the details of an emotion or prop. The Push In becomes funny when the push goes too far in, maybe even distorting the shot. There are many comedy films which use this technique.

The Pull Back. Another go-to technique in filming which can be exaggerated to great comedic effect. A character gradually becoming a dot as the camera apparently reverses into space, or outside a building, deliberately obscuring the shot.

The Long Wait. With the camera remaining stationery, characters can stumble in and out of shot or appear to wait too long for the camera to move. It is said that great comedy is all about timing. This is never more true than when using this technique.

The Slow Reveal. A slow moving camera shot, gradually allowing the viewer to see what the characters are seeing is really effective. This works especially well when the end result is not what the viewer was expecting.

False Perspective. Often, props or characters may appear too small, or large, in a shot. Cashing in on this effect by making them actually over sized or tiny can have an instant comedic effect. The effect can be further exaggerated by having an object obscuring the shot.

And don’t forget location. Using our team of scouts, we can help the filmmaker pinpoint exactly the environment to create a comedy scene. From stately homes to back street cafes, there will be a funny place to match the script and we will know how to find it.

Great visual comedy, like all filming, needs a great production team delivering it. Get in touch now and see just how we can assist with the entire comedy film process.