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Finland has an abundance of spectacular landscapes, from the rugged coastline along the Gulf of Finland, to serene national parks with unspoilt woodlands. Finland is famed for its sleek modern architecture, especially in the colourful and vibrant city of Helsinki, and there’s a huge number of filming locations to suit various productions.

Some of Our Filming Work in Finland

Although Finland isn’t an obvious choice for filming, it’s generally a pleasant place to do so, and as long as you’re not interrupting traffic then you don’t need a permit.

The Nordic country is stunning as a filming location, and while many people associate Viking history with Norway, Finland is the ideal alternative for a period drama – that won’t break the bank.

Producers and directors love working with Finland’s dramatic landscape, and with its mixture of mountains and lakes – you won’t be disappointed.

Filming in Finland

The main issues with filming in Finland usually come from the remoteness of some of the locations, which is why using NEEDaFIXER FINLAND can make production so much easier. We can find the local crew from camera operators to directors and arrange things like transport and accommodation even in the less populated parts of the country.

We can also arrange to have the right equipment ready to start your shoot, whether it’s ARRI technology which is usually favoured in this area of Europe, or whether equipment needs to be brought in from further afield. We have contacts in the industry to get the right equipment and crew, and can even arrange for camera drones so you can really capture the beauty of the area.

Casting can be an issue in areas such as Finland, as you are dealing with a language barrier and a lack of diversity.

NEEDaFIXER FINLAND can help by finding local talent, sending you showreels, and helping you get casting sorted out before you arrive. Finland makes a large number of movies and TV shows each year, although most of them are for the domestic market so aren’t widely known.

They also have several animation studios that make international cartoons. The winter scenes from the classic film Doctor Zhivago were filmed in Finland, and in the 1997 film The Jackal, scenes set in Russia were actually shot in Finland. The country was also featured in Michael Moore’s documentary Where to Invade Next.

Fixers in Finland

One big advantage of filming in Finland is that in the summer you can enjoy 24 hours of daylight. The ‘midnight sun’ means you can enjoy longer filming days, and could potentially finish your shoot much more quickly.

The cold and snow of the winter months also make for a beautiful backdrop for many productions. The country is close to Russia, and because of physical similarities sometimes stands in for its neighbour in movies. We can help you find filming locations in Finland that have the look you are trying to achieve.

Helsinki is an excellent place to film as it has both modern and traditional areas, while Porvoo on the south coast has an old-fashioned Finnish look with colourful buildings and cobbled streets. Finland doesn’t have any major film studios but does have lots of independent production companies that make high-quality content.

What can our fixers in Finland do for you?

While Finland is very easygoing about film crews working in the country, there can be a few challenges that you’ll need to overcome. There’s a language barrier, and you may find it difficult to find the right cast and crew. Some areas away from the cities can feel extremely remote, and things like transport can be difficult to arrange during the winter months.

That’s why using the services of NEEDaFIXER FINLAND is advisable if you want to shoot in the country. We can find the personnel and equipment you need, and sort out all the practicalities, no matter how challenging your requirements.

Finland is quite an unusual choice of the filming location, but if you use our services then your production will go much more smoothly, and you’ll enjoy a huge choice of potential unspoilt locations that have rarely been used.

Post Production Support

One of the most difficult aspects of filming a movie, TV show or documentary is the post-production process. Our fixers have directed, produced and edited numerous productions, so we guarantee that you’ll have the support you need to make sure every element of the story stands out.

Popular Filming Locations


Often used to represent a Russian city, Helsinki has been seen in movies such as Doctor Zhivago, Farewell, and Rendel. The city has both modern and traditional locations, so has endless potential. If you’re a fan of colourful houses and want to create a production that stands out, don’t discount Helsinki.


This traditional, colourful town sits on a serene coastline and has been seen in movies such as The Jackal and Billion Dollar Brain. It’s got a traditional appeal that would be perfect if you’re focusing on a dramatic production.

While the backdrop of large cities suits large scale productions, it can often take over smaller projects. But Parvoo offers an intimate feel, which is perfect.


Surrounded by dense forests, this town is the northernmost in Finland and featured in the movies Hanna and Stalingrad. While Kemijärvi doesn’t offer the cosmopolitan feel of Helsinki or the quaint scenery of Parvoo, it’s still a fantastic location – especially if you’re on a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to get permits?

Filming is extremely relaxed in Finland and as long as you’re not disrupting traffic, there’s no need for a permit.

If you would like to film inside commercial places or tourist attractions, private areas or commercial events, permission must be requested in advance from the venue itself.

If filming in public spaces restricts the movement of others or requires traffic arrangements, the notification must be given to the police.

Do I need a visa or work permit?

If you’re travelling on an EU passport, there is no need for a visa. Outside of the EU, it’s advisable to contact their local embassy for further information and check for recent visa changes eg. Japanese citizens now have visa-free access for 172 countries and territories (can enter Finland up to 90 days within 180 days in the Schengen area, without a visa).

Can I hire equipment once there?

Finland is predominately Arri based, but other equipment can easily be imported if necessary from surrounding European countries.

What is the climate like?

During the summer, Finland has 24 hours of joyous daylight and enjoys warm weather, whereas in the winter the country is plunged into darkness for 24 hours and is extremely cold and snowy. Snow can typically stick around until May, but spring sees the return of daylight to the country.

To put it simply, Finland is one of the most unique locations in the world, and the countries dramatic seasonal changes can help you complete filming a lot quicker – especially if you have no night scenes planned!

Would you like to learn more about this stunning filming location?

If you’d like to know more about Finland and how our fixers can help you, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service team. We can help you decide the type of support you require and talk you through the filming process.

Whether it’s an independent movie or a documentary, we know the film industry and will help you with costs and equipment hire.


’You guys were amazing! You delivered perfectly at short notice in a foreign country, introduced us to lovely crew in both and really went the extra mile in making sure it was all taken care of and confirmed properly. I can’t thank you enough and look forward to working together again.’

Davo McConville

Free Lance Producer - Black Dog / RSA


’I have met NEEDaFIXER in Greece! It was LOVE from the first sight. Since then, I cannot imagine my production without them! They are like Family! Always helpful. Always happy. Always with loads of energy… & always with PASSION for what they do!’

Katarzyna Chmielarz

Producer / GPD

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