Filming in Norway


Filming in Norway

Could there be anywhere more extraordinary than Norway? The stunning Scandinavian nation is rich in cultural heritage, has vibrant and varied landscapes, and has plenty of beautiful filming locations. Made more famous in recent years by the TV shows Vikings, Norway is a top location to bring your production to life.

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Whatever the requirements of your production company, NEEDaFIXER can help you with a number of logistics such as talent and location sourcing, equipment hire, travel, accommodation and much more.

Why Filming in Norway is an Amazing Experience

From the breathtaking coastal fjords to majestic mountains, the Northern Lights to glaciers and waterfalls, there is a natural beauty in abundance here. The historic Viking heritage that is still on display in the way of ruins and ships has been used to shape TV shows such as “Vikings” and films such as “How to Train Your Dragon 2.” Norway is by no means limited to Viking themes though, as other Hollywood films such as “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “Ex Machina” have been shot here in recent years.

The variety of beauty both natural and manmade is something to behold, and this along with pleasing tax credits and an already-established film and television industry makes filming in Scandinavia an attractive option. As Norway already has a well-established film industry, obtaining filming permits is a relatively straightforward process.

There is always a good time to film in Norway, with the northern regions experiencing 24-hour daylight in the mid-summer months. The winters are long and cold, offering plenty in the way of beautiful snowy scenery, and the ideal time for filming the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is between September and March.

If you’re planning on location scouting while you’re there, you’ll have a wonderful experience

If your production company needs assistance planning the time, location or indeed any other aspect of an upcoming shoot in Norway, NEEDaFIXER can put you in touch with vetted, local fixers (ß hyperlink this when live) that can assist with a wide range of film production services.

Expert Fixers in Norway

Our Norwegian TV and film fixers can help you arrange a number of different aspects of your shoot. Whatever help you may need, our expert team is on hand to provide assistance with:

Costs and financing

As the cost of living in Norway in general, the price of filming here can be quite expensive. However, planning ahead to maximize shooting efficiency and negotiating local deals with service providers can help keep costs down, and this is something your film fixer can assist with.

Crews and talent sourcing

Norway is non-unionised, and there is a range of talent spanning from different ethnic backgrounds available locally. As international shoots become more frequent in Norway, the crews and local directors have become accustomed to and comfortable with working on large productions.


English is spoken fluently throughout Norway but should need any assistance with translation, our fixers are more than happy to arrange this.


Norway is well serviced by international and domestic flights, and there are a number of ferries that allow for passage to some of the more picturesque filming locations.


Hotel accommodation in Norway can be expensive, which is why our film fixers would recommend serviced or self-catered accommodation for longer shoots. Feel free to discuss your schedule and arrangements with us to see how we can help.


As entry into Norway is dependent on your country of origin, having expert help here can be vital to ensure all the cast and film crew have the correct entry paperwork.


Your production company should factor in 26 per cent for social costs.

Set construction and studio sourcing

Set construction in Norway can be expensive, but there are a number of studio facilities in existence that can negate the need for a purpose-built set.

Tax incentives and credits

As of 2015, Norway provides a 25 per cent filming rebate to attract the attention of international filmmakers.

Safety and travel advisories

Norway is generally a very safe place to visit and to stay for extended periods of time, and with a NEEDaFIXER expert on hand, you can stay up to date with any travel advisors issued.

At NEEDaFixer, these are just a few of the ways in which we can help productions of any size or nature. To find out more about how our team can help make your next Norwegian shoot successful, contact us now.

We Can Provide You With a Dynamic Film Crew

If you’d like us to support you with the filming process, our crew members are skilled at bringing projects to life and have provided dynamic production services to a range of clients in other countries. Whether it’s a TV series, movie, corporate video or documentary, we guarantee our work will be of a high standard.

We have a roster of producers, directors, camera crews, editors and sound and lighting specialists, ready to work with you to deliver a truly amazing production. 

Popular Norweigan Filming Locations

beautiful places in the world, and shooting in high definition will make all film productions come to life.


Fredrikstad is a historic fortress town located on the waterfront, providing a number of stunning filming locations.

The village of Røros is filled with preserved wooden buildings, and there’s more picturesque architecture to enjoy in the city of Alesund. The variety on offer in Norway can provide you with a great deal of choice when it comes to finding the perfect filming location. If you need help with finding the perfect location or procuring filming permits to get your production underway, NEEDafixer can help.

Other sites of interest include:
  • Lillehammer Olympic resort (Winter Olympics)
  • Trollstigen Mountain Road
  • Nidaros Cathedral
  • Hardanger Fjord
  • Lofoten Islands
  • The Vøringsfossen waterfall
  • Jostedal Glacier
  • Atlantic Ocean Road

To find out more about shooting locations, crew and casting or any other production services you may need, contact NEEDaFIXER today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to get permits?

YYou will find Norway to be a friendly country when it comes to permits. If you are on public ground, you do not need one, unless you are obstructing roads or public spaces. Nor do you need one if you are filming private businesses or houses, as long as you are standing on public ground. The authorities and the general public are positive to production, and there is no corruption in Norway. National parks usually have some restrictions concerning motorized transport and aerial filming.

Do I need a visa or work permit?

Norway is a member of the Schengen Area. As a general rule, everyone wishing to work in Norway requires a work permit.

The rules regarding applicants vary between the EU/EEA/EFTA countries.

Scandinavian citizens (Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland) are fully exempt from the requirement to obtain a work permit.

Citizens of the European Union (EU), citizens covered by the European Economic Area (EEA) agreement and citizens covered by the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) convention have easier access to travel and reside in Norway.

As a citizen of the EU/EEA/EFTA, you can freely travel to Norway and start working as soon as you arrive. You can live and work in Norway for up to three months without having to apply for a permit. If you are seeking employment in Norway, you may reside in Norway for six months without a permit.

Where to apply

A visa application must be produced on the correct form and submitted in person to the nearest Norwegian foreign service office. If there is no Norwegian foreign service officer in the country, another Schengen country may represent Norway. This country will then process the application on behalf of Norway.

Some service offices, for example, India, have outsourced the handling of VISA applications. Please follow this link to the Norwegian foreign service missions. More information and guidelines at the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.

Can I hire equipment once there?

You will find anything you need to rent in Norway. If you need high-end gear, you should look into the main rental houses located in the capital of Norway, Oslo. There are also some suppliers with more limited equipment in the larger cities like Bergen and Stavanger. We can also help you to find local suppliers nearer to your shoot.

What is the climate like?

Norway is a very large country, so the climate depends on where you are. If you are above the arctic circle, you can shoot all day and night under the midnight sun in the summer. But in winter, the sun does not rise above the horizon at the darkest period.

In the south of Norway, the differences in light during summer and winter is very noticeable, but not as extreme. Temperature near the coast vary from -5 to 10 during winter, and 15-30 degrees Celsius in the summer. In the northern parts, further inland, you can experience extremes as low as -40 degrees in winter. In general, the quality of light is very photogenic in Norway.


’You guys were amazing! You delivered perfectly at short notice in a foreign country, introduced us to lovely crew in both and really went the extra mile in making sure it was all taken care of and confirmed properly. I can’t thank you enough and look forward to working together again.’

Davo McConville

Free Lance Producer - Black Dog / RSA
’I have met NEEDaFIXER in Greece! It was LOVE from the first sight. Since then, I cannot imagine my production without them! They are like Family! Always helpful. Always happy. Always with loads of energy… & always with PASSION for what they do!’

Katarzyna Chmielarz

Producer / GPD

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