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Rugged, vast and distinctive, Romania is an iconic part of southeastern Europe that offers plenty to imaginative filmmakers.

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From the dense, fabled forests of Transylvania to Bran Castle, the Carpathian Mountains to the sights and sounds of Bucharest, Romania is a historic treasure waiting to be discovered.

Filming in Romania

Permission to shoot in and around the many incredible public locations is relatively fast and easy to come by and is just one of many things our film fixers can help you with. At NEEDaFIXER, we have a number of local Romanian fixers who can assist with anything from location scouting to talent sourcing, managing budgets and more.

Films such as Youth Without YouthThe Brothers Bloom and Cold Mountain – which stars Hollywood A-listers Nicole Kidman and Jude Law – have all been filmed in the varied terrain of Romania, making the most of the range of scenery and the temperate four-season climate. Whether you want magical snowy scenes or scorching summer shots, you can achieve a number of different looks when filming in Romania.

Fixers in Romania

If you need a fixer in Romania, our experts are available to help.

Our experienced team can lend support to you and your film crew, regardless of the size and scope of your shoot. We can help with a number of different shooting requirements:

Costs and financing

Romania is a very cost-effective shooting destination, as it is relatively inexpensive to shoot here, and a wide range of different shoot locations within easy reach means you can save on your travel budget. Romania is less expensive than nearby Croatia, the Czech Republic or Ukraine, and yet still has a number of excellent facilities including comprehensive studios.

Crews and talent sourcing

If you need help with casting or acquiring a film crew in Romania, one of our fixers can help. There are a number of experienced film crews that have worked on international shoots available, and our local fixer can help you find other crew members from European production centres if needed. Both crews and talent are non-union, and buyouts can be negotiated.


English is widely spoken, but if you would like a translator on hand when you are filming in Romania, one of our fixers would be more than happy to help.


Romania is relatively easy to access with international and domestic flights available, and the infrastructure and transit once there is also well thought out.

  • When it comes to finding accommodation for your cast and film crew, a fixer would be able to assist. We can find hotels in major urban centres like Bucharest, while for more remote shoots, we can organise something self-catered should this be more convenient.
  • Work permits are not required when filming in Romania, and individuals with passports issued by western countries can stay visa-free for up to 90 days.


Working hours tend to run longer in Romania, with a twelve-hour day (with a one-hour lunch break) being the norm. There aren’t any premiums for talent or crew, either.

Set construction and studio sourcing

There are three main studios in Romania, all of which come with production offices, workshops, sound stages and other facilities. A few have backlots available, while there are also pre-existing sets that can be used for shooting purposes as well.

Tax Incentives and credits

When it comes to filming in Romania, there are currently no tax incentives in place.

Safety and travel advisories

Romania is a safe destination with little interruption in the way of travel advisories.

Regardless of the needs of your film production company, one of our local fixers will be able to provide you with all the support and assistance you need. Contact us to find out more.

Popular Romanian Filming Locations

If you are a film production company looking to shoot in Romania, we can help you find the best locations to suit your requirements, and assist with things like transport and logistics.

A fixer can help to arrange shoots in stunning locations, such as:


The capital of Bucharest is home to some of Romania’s best-known sights, including the Palatul Parlamentului government building, the second-largest building in the world.

It’s a city of culture and the old buildings only enhance the cities stunning scenery. You’ll be spoilt for choice with breathtaking streets, that transport you to older times.


This idyllic city in Transylvania is home to breathtaking architecture, with a stunning mountain range over the horizon. Its old buildings and streets are ideal if you want to film a period drama and the city has an Italian feel.


Once a royal town, this city is still home to a number of beautiful buildings including the ruins at the castle Set Fortress of Suceava, the Palace of Justice, and the Administrative Palace.

From snow-covered mountains to volcanoes, historic castles and churches, the scenic landscape of Romania is both rich and varied.

Filming in Romania is a wonderful experience because there’s so much to see. To put it simply, your biggest issue with this country will be choosing between all of the wonderful destinations.

Other points of interest include:

  • Sighişoara
  • Peles Castle
  • Timișoara Orthodox Cathedral
  • The haunted forest of Hoia Baciu
  • Salina Turda (salt mine)
  • Transfagarasan Road

Whether you are shooting a feature film, a commercial, photo stills or any other production in Romania, one of our fixers can help make the entire process that much easier.

To find out more about shooting locations, crew and casting or any other service you may need, contact NEEDaFIXER today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to get permits?

Quite easy. The Romanian law makes a clear difference between documentary films and commercial films. For the first category, no permit is required, whatever the size of the crew. For the latter, a written demand must be made to the local mayor’s office, including the address, time and date of the filming as well as the size of the crew and any special equipment that might be used. The permit usually arrives 2 weeks to a month later.

Do I need a visa or work permit?

Romania is part of the European Union and doesn’t require obtaining a Visa or work permit for fellow European crews. For more specific information regarding the visa regime in Romania please visit:

Can I hire equipment once there?

Romania is well known for being a go-to country for film crews looking for quality equipment,e country’s main hubs are Bucharest (the capital) and Cluj, where most companies are based. Nonetheless, rental facilities offer transportation on location for their equipment. Companies like Videolink and Digital Cube offer excellent technical support.

What is the climate like?

Romania has a continental temperate climate, characterised by cold, snowy winters and hot, sunny summers. From high mountain ranges to green hillsides to sandy beaches, Romania offers a wide array of natural sets.

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Our team of fixers is on hand to provide useful advice about the cost and logistics of filming in this stunning Eastern European country. Whether you want to film in Bucharest, one of the black sea resorts or anywhere else, we can help you by providing storyboard, cinematic, producer and director services.

Working with us means you have support every step of the way, and we can’t wait for you to discover this stunning country – which really is a filmmakers dream.

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