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Turkey is a beautiful country that offers a unique and diverse filming experience. Filming locations in this country are both naturally stunning and rich in culture as filmmakers can capture ancient scenes in the city of Istanbul or picturesque landmarks such as the Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar.

If great food, friendly locals and a truly unique European experience sounds like the ideal setting for your production, then you can’t go wrong with Turkey.

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Filming in Turkey

One of the reasons Turkey is so popular for filming is because it’s so diverse in culture and natural landscapes. No matter what you are filming, there are dozens of reasons to choose this country for your shoot.

While the destination was initially popular amongst Russian and Eastern European filmmakers, it now appeals to filmmakers around the world. Of course, interest isn’t limited to those involved in filmmaking as it is a go-to holiday destination for many British and West European inhabitants.

And why not? With locations that offer diversity and beautiful backdrops, it would be a shame not to include Turkey on your list of filming locations.

Why Choose Turkey?

Several blockbusters, including Skyfall (2012)Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012) and Taken 2 (2012), have all been shot in Turkey. Why not add your film project to this list?

Popular filming locations in Turkey include Istanbul Film Studios, Cappadocia (which are incredible rock formations) and the Taurus Mountains, which resemble the Alps. There are also a number of post-production sites here that are extremely useful when it comes to editing your film. Our fixers will be able to direct you to all the best production and post-production locations.

It is important to bear in mind that Turkey is becoming increasingly sought after as a filming location and film permits are required.

Our fixers can help you get a filming permit.

Due to Turkey’s popularity, we recommend that our fixers help you to get a permit because we know how to secure filming permission. Part of our production services involves helping you to communicate with the Turkish republic, so you can get underway with your movie or TV shows.

Fixers in Turkey

If you would like to film in Turkey, NEEDaFIXER can help you with all aspects of your shoot. We are expert filmmakers and can help you navigate your filming experience in Turkey. Our services include but aren’t limited to:

Costs and financing

A huge advantage to filming in Turkey is the price. The country is a cheaper shooting location when compared to more remote or metropolitan destinations. Talent and equipment are cheap to hire, and the logistics of film creation are also not too expensive.

Because the exchange rate offers excellent value for worldwide currencies, Turkey offers fantastic value.

Crew and talent sourcing

Equipment in Turkey is of the desired standard, and there are many companies renting lights, cameras and film set equipment.

We can also help you to diversify your crew and regularly offer our clients talented producers, directors and editors. Your feature film will come to life with our specialists, and we can work with your team or take charge if you’d prefer a back seat role.

Whatever you decide, our purpose is to support our clients in any way we can. So, if you want to benefit from our many years of experience, we’d love to help you create something incredible today.

We’ve worked on TV series, documentaries and feature films but our diverse local crew members love a challenge, so don’t be afraid to share your vision with us.

There are many active actors in Turkey, many of which are incredibly talented. There are also supporting actors available who can take on smaller roles.


The official language of Turkey is Turkish; however, Kurmanji is also widely spoken. Arabic and Zazaki are lesser-used languages of the country.

Our Fixers can arrange translation services from Turkish to English as well as other languages.


Turkey is easy to get to by plane. There are over 90 airports on the mainland, over 20 of which are international airports. Istanbul airport is incredibly popular as it is one of the busiest airports in the world.

The country is also well-served by road and rail. In short, travelling around is not an issue.

Filmmakers may choose to hire cars and vans upon arrival in Turkey, which is also a possibility from a number of airports.

Bus and taxi services are also fairly popular.


Turkey has become an extremely popular tourist destination in recent years, and it is no surprise that there are a number of accommodation options when staying in the country.

Choose from hotels, B&B’s, hostels, villas or camping. If you need help finding somewhere to stay, we can help here at NEEDaFIXER.


You will need permission to both visit and film in Turkey. You can apply for a visa to visit Turkey from the Turkish Consulate General.

A filming permit is slightly more difficult to apply for and can take up to two weeks to obtain. You’ll need separate permits for different filming locations, but NEEDaFIXER can help when you’re ready to apply.

Set construction and studio sourcing

NEEDaFIXER can advise on your studio and set construction. We are familiar with filming in Turkey and can match our database of film locations to your particular project.

Tax incentives and credits

All filmmakers shooting in Turkey can claim VAT on the money they spend on items and services for the shoot.

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture is considering offering up to a 25% tax rebate to filmmakers on the expenditure they make to encourage more film shoots in the country.

Safety and travel advisories

Most visits to Turkey are trouble-free; however, there is some cautionary travel advice related to terrorism. Travellers are advised not to travel within 10km of Syria and the city of Diyarbakir.

Popular Turkish Filming Locations

Turkey is home to many production houses. These include:

  • Bocek
  • Karma
  • Dinamo Istanbul
  • Atlantik Film

All of these production houses are popular with local Turkish filmmakers and global filmmakers. The diversity of film backdrops in Turkey is also a factor that makes the country so popular for filming.

Istanbul is sought after for its amazing architecture, including its Mosque and Grand Bazaar. There is also a “cafe culture” here that is a popular backdrop for filmmakers.

Another popular Turkish film location is The Taurus Mountains which look very much like The Alps. For this reason, Turkey is a great, budget-friendly alternative to shooting in The Alps, which can be costly.

On the topic of mountains, Mount Nemrut is over 2000m high and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Flights are available to Adiyaman to get to the mountain from Istanbul.

The Ilgaz mountains is another range that can be popular for filmmakers. It is a natural park that attracts activity in the summer and winter. Expect skiing in the winter and trekking and camping in the summer.

Culture and Tourism

There are also a number of port cities that offer excellent cultural experiences when you’re filming in Turkey. Bodrum is not only a port city, but it also features a huge array of natural landscapes, including a spectacular coastline. The diversity of a huge shopping area, bustling nightlife and nature mean that the area is a practical filming location for many reasons.

Fethiye is another port city to consider and Kaunos is a more ancient city to film.

And, if the city is the opposite of what you want, you should check out Pammukale. The term “Pammukale” translates to “cotton castle” and it is a natural site of thermal pools.

If you would like to find out more about shooting locations in Turkey, as well as any other production services you may need, please contact NEEDaFIXER today. We can help put Turkey’s overwhelming diversity to good use for your shoot!

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to shoot, but how easy is it to get permits for filming and fixers in Turkey?

It’s usually very easy, but any historical site has to be processed by the municipality. Typically speaking though, permits usually take two weeks. If you wish to find out about filming at specific historical sites, please do contact us directly.

Do I need a visa or work permit?

You are required to carry a film visa upon your entry into Turkey. If you wish to film in a public area, you’ll need permission from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. If you’re looking to film in a historical location, local directorates will grant permission, which will typically take 10 days.

Can I hire equipment once there?

Turkey only has very basic equipment, so you would have to import specialist equipment if needed. Thanks to their central location, it’s incredibly easy to import from nearby European countries.

What is the climate like?

Turkey generally is a very mild country with scorching hot summers between June – September. Winters can be surprisingly cold and wet, particularly in the mountains. If you need near-perfect weather, April – May and October – November are the best months to film.


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