Image Courtesy of Christos Drazos

Canaves Oia, a five-star resort in Santorini, Greece, has long excelled in the hospitality industry for its breathtaking views, white washed architecture, modern furnishings, impeccable amenities and first class services. Now, the multi-awarded property is expanding on its legacy of luxury with the debut of its official destination video: Canaves Oia —Where Time Stops.

Brought to life by award-winning Director Mike Bekos, the video showcases a unique cinematic style and engaging narrative that depicts Canaves Oia as a timeless holiday retreat.

Markos Chaidemenos, Managing Director of Canaves Oia, is confident that the new film will properly introduce the property to luxury-seeking travellers across the globe.

“Carved into a cliffside overlooking the Aegean Sean, Canaves Oia is the pinnacle of luxury and elegance, the home of unrivalled yet discrete service, the trailblazer of the world of hospitality, the place where everyone dreams to visit,” he said. “Our film reflects this, showcasing the obvious beauty of the resort from a fresh angle, creating emotions and the desire to explore the hotel first-hand.”

For Director Mike Bekos, it was important that all of the resort’s selling points were accurately conveyed on film.

“The true essence of a destination lies in its people, the buildings, the sites, the stories, the sounds and the energy behind them,” said Bekos. “This statement becomes even stronger if we’re speaking of Canaves Oia, situated in one of the most picturesque islands in the world, surrounded by invigourating scenery: the reddish cliffs, the mysteries of the sleeping volcano, the eternal blue of the Aegean Sea and the vermillion colours of the astonishing sunsets.”

Sofia Panayiotaki, Executive Producer and Managing Director of PR MEDIACO and NEEDaFIXER, the companies behind the film’s production, believes it will not only stand out from other destination videos thanks to its use of artful storytelling techniques but also increase guest bookings.

She said: “Storytelling has the power to influence behaviours and actions. Many leading hotels have all of the ingredients for an unforgettable holiday experience, but they don’t always manage to portray them effectively in beautifully orchestrated film campaigns. With Where Time Stops, we’ve managed to strip down to the elements that define Canaves Oia as one of the world’s best hotels and present them in a way that cuts through the noise to impact viewers on a fundamental level.”

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