Here at NEEDaFIXER, we have provided the full range of production management services for all types of production in every corner of the globe. Our experience in doing so has led us to form good working relationships with every type of business required to ensure the smooth running of any production.

The services teams required can be anything from transportation companies, catering and refreshment providers, equipment rentals and crew recruiters through to the best coffee makers and prop providers.

When it comes to technical support, we are 100% there. We realise that filming in a new environment can unfold some unforeseen niggles, so we make sure that our technically advanced and multilingual production team are there for you with any questions that may arise whilst you are on-set and ready to battle out any problems. If equipment goes wrong, we have an extensive catalogue of trusted equipment providers at the ready, and if there is a person out there that is able to fix your broken equipment, then we will know where to find them.

Our huge database of equipment hire companies all around the world, enable us to rent any equipment for you at the most competitive prices and even in the most remote areas, our fully experienced production team will know where the nearest equipment hire company is.

No small detail will be left unchecked by our fixers and production team. Should you require hotels to be booked, cars to be ordered, pick-ups to be made and crew to be fed, we have the most conscientious and meticulous organisers in our team to take care of everything for you, leaving you to get on with the production in hand. If you require us to recruit extras or production crew, we are extremely experienced and will deliver exactly what you need.

Here at NEEDaFIXER, we all live and breathe film, so our passion and knowledge combined means that we just get things done.

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