Filming in Austria


Austria is a spectacular place to film, whether you want a location with snow-topped mountains and rolling green hills, fairy tale castles, or charming historic buildings. Vienna is where most productions take place, and the capital is full of beautifully preserved Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings that make you feel like you’ve gone back in time.

But let’s not forget the other Austrian cities such as stunning Salzburg and cosmopolitan Graz. An Austrian location is a perfect place to film your production and Need a Fixer has the equipment, talent, art specialists and filming crews to make your vision come to life.

Some of Our Filming Work in Austria

Certain shoots, if the public isn’t going to be disturbed, don’t require a permit, but it’s always a good idea to double check.

If you’re planning to film in Vienna and will be using a public space, then you’ll need a permit, and dealing with the different government departments can be complex.

Luckily, it usually doesn’t take more than a couple of weeks to get permission, and NEEDaFIXER AUSTRIA can make the process easier.

Filming in Austria

Austria is a welcoming place for foreign film crews, and generally a work visa isn’t required.

Austria is a welcoming place for foreign film crews, and generally, a work visa isn’t required.

Need a Fixer to have contacts across Austria, and can ensure you have the crew, equipment, and even cast that you need to start filming on day one. From sourcing a full camera kit, drones, and other equipment, to ensuring that you have an experienced crew on hand, we can ensure everything runs smoothly.

Filming in Austria is generally straightforward, and it’s a friendly, safe place to host your production. Whether you visit during the winter months and enjoy the crisp, snowy weather, or visit in the Spring when the countryside is lush and green, it’s a beautiful place to film all year round.

Perhaps the most famous movie to come out of Austria was the Sound of Music, and since then many Hollywood productions have visited the country. Movies with skiing scenes such as Chalet Girl and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason made use of the mountains, and James Bond movie Quantum of Solace used many locations around the country.

Fixers in Austria

 If you are looking for film fixers in Austria, then get in touch with us today.

NEEDaFIXER AUSTRIA can help you find locations for all sorts of productions, whether you want a city or rural backdrop. The Sound of Music was filmed in many locations across the historic city of Salzburg, such as the Mozarteum Music Academy which was the exterior of the Von Trapp family’s home, and the pretty Bavarian village of Markt Schellenberg just a few miles away. Vienna has been used in many large productions including Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and Batman & Robin, and has a historic look that made it ideal for Amadeus and many other lavish productions.

Our fixers in Austria have the contacts and organisational skills to ensure your production stays on schedule. If you need someone to obtain permits, sort out travel issues, book crew accommodation, or arrange transport, then we are here to help. We can source the best locations to suit the look you’re going for and can offer practical advice on the best days to film during the snowy weather. Whether you need a fixer in Vienna or a more remote location, just get in touch at [email protected] to find out more about our services. 

Popular Filming Locations


Home of several filming locations for the Sound of Music including the grand cathedral and surrounding mountains.

The Alps

Several resorts in the Alps have been used for shooting movies. St. Anton was used for the movie Chalet Girl, while nearby Lech was seen in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.


Many biographical movies have been set in historic Vienna, including Amadeus and Klimt. The city has also welcomed large scale productions such as Batman & Robin and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.


Many people consider Graz to be Austria’s second city, and it has a wonderfully rich culture. If you’re searching for a cost-effective alternative to Vienna to film your production, this small city could be ideal.

With its mountains and beauty, Graz is fast becoming an international tourist hub that attracts people from all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to get permits?

Depending on what and where in Austria. Vienna is different, more complicated than all the other cities and areas outside of the city. Private owned property is very individual as well.

You need a good Location Manager/Fixer to get things fast and easy. The upside is that except Vienna it can be done within a few days. Vienna takes longer, depending on crew size, project type, etc.. Drones in Vienna is more or less a no go, needs a few months of planning ahead and is very expensive and also not sure if a permit can be obtained. Drones in other areas (where no buildings are, landscapes, etc..) is easier but also only possible with a permit.

Do I need a visa or work permit?

Within the EU you don’t (or if you have a work Visa in another EU country). Coming from outside the EU, individual situations have to be looked upon.

Can I hire equipment once there?

Yes, but planning ahead and hiring/booking Equipment upfront is important. The rental market is stable but small, still, a lot of stuff is available. On short term notice, you might not get all you want. This is a service we provide anyway in prep to book and collect equipment.

What is the climate like?

Mid Europe. What do you mean? We have sun, snow, rain, heat, cold, all you want. Depending on WHEN you are here, some of it is more stable, some of it not so predictable…


’You guys were amazing! You delivered perfectly at short notice in a foreign country, introduced us to a lovely crew in both and really went the extra mile in making sure it was all taken care of and confirmed properly. I can’t thank you enough and look forward to working together again.’

Davo McConville

Free Lance Producer - Black Dog / RSA


’I have met NEEDaFIXER in Greece! It was LOVE from first sight. Since then, I cannot imagine my production without them! They are like Family! Always helpful. Always happy. Always with loads of energy… & always with PASSION for what they do!’

Katarzyna Chmielarz

Producer / GPD

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