Filming in London


NEEDaFIXER LONDON have worked on productions of all scales, no filming requirement is too big or small. From features to corporate film we are happy to assist in all elements of production whether you are in pre production and need advice on permits or costing or require post production services when filming in London. Any goal is achievable regardless of what stage you are at in your production.

NEEDaFIXER Filming in London

Filming in London with NEEDaFIXER

By working with NEEDaFIXER LONDON you are gaining access to one of the most enviable fixers contact books in the country. With a trusted crew list of Directors, Producers, Location Managers, Casting Directors, Cameramen, Sound Technicians, Fixers, Runners, Production Assistants, DIT, Data Wranglers, Grips, Art Department, Hair and Makeup and Sound Designers, you will find the perfect team for your production.  If for any reason you require crew from outside of London or England, you will also be able to utilize the amazing database of crew from all reaches of the globe provided by NEEDaFIXER.

Alongside our crew contacts throughout the United Kingdom and London we will be able to assist you in fixing a diverse and talented cast. Casting isn’t the easiest process when located on the other side of the world but our fixing team will be able to provide you with show reels and tailor made casting tapes for your needs without you having to leave your laptop.

NEEDaFIXER LONDON is always ahead of the curve in the filming industry. We are able to provide skilled and certified drone pilots at amazingly competitive rates. With the use of drones becoming increasingly popular and affordable we are fully aware of all the permitting and laws that surround filming with drones and although it is no easy feat using drones in London we can accommodate your needs. Our fixing team want you to employ this resource and many others like it in order to create an amazing film.

London is home to many studios and the Fixers in London team are well connected to them. The incredibly famous Pinewood is located in the city amongst other prestigious examples like Ealing Studios and Shepperton Studios. Between them they can offer everything you could need from a studio and more. Some of the most important pieces of cinema in the history of film have been sculpted in these iconic studios.

With the help of NEEDaFIXER LONDON the potential of London and England in general as locations can be fully realized and you can join the ranks of high level international productions that have taken place in and around the city.

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